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Marketing Programm

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Marketing "...an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders."

Market A collection of buyers and sellers

Discovering Consumer Needs The Challenge of Launching Winning New Products, Consumer Needs and Consumer Wants

Marketing's first task: discovering consumer needs Organization's Marketing Department Discover Customer NeedInformation about NeedsPotential Customers: The Market

HOW MARKETING DISCOVERS AND SATISFIES CONSUMER NEEDS Satisfying Consumer Needs (Target market) The Four Ps: Controllable Marketing Mix Factors The Uncontrollable, Environmental Factors

THE MARKETING PROGRAM: HOW CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS ARE BUILT Global Competition, Customer Value, and Customer Relationships --Relationship Marketing - Easy to Understand/ Difficult to Implement

Corporate Goals/Objectives Profit Sales, Market share, Quality, Customer satisfaction, Employee welfare, Social responsibility

SETTING STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS A Look Around: Where Are We Now? Customers, Competencies: skills; technology; resources (ex. Competitive advantage: e.g. HP, Quality, benchmarking) Competitors

Lands' End's competitors? They go far beyond traditional catalog

SETTING STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS Growth Strategies: Where Do We Want to Go? The Portfolios of Businesses: BCG Analysis

SETTING STRATEGIC DIRECTION Growth Strategies: Where Do We Want to Go? Market-Product Analysis

Four market-product strategies: alternative ways to expand sales revenues for Ben and Jerry's market penetration(selling more X to American), product development(selling a new X under company title to American),market development(selling more X in S America market for 1st time), diversification (selling a new X in S America for 1st time)

Situation Analysis The internal Enviro-review of current objectives, strategy, and performance; Availability of resources; organizational culture and structure The Customer Enviro Who are our current & potential customer, What do customers do w/product, Where do customers purchase product, Why/How do customer select product, Why do potential customer not purchase product External Enviro Competition, Economic Growth & Stability, Political Trends, Legal & regulatory issues, Technological advancements, Sociocultural trends

An environmental scan of the United States Social movement toward healthy product & lifestyles, Growing # &importance of Hispanic American, population shifts to small towns & remote suburbs, increasing in new & varied forms of entertainment Economic reduction in customer spending on consumer technologies, increase in per capita income & standard of living, increase in saving as many worker approach retirement , slow economic growth & stock market adjustments Technological increase in use of wireless messaging technology, declining cost of computer power & growth of smart products, growing use of voice recognition software, advances in biotechnology and cancer drugs Competitive increase focus on empowering worker to improve performances,



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