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Master Degree's Apllication Essay

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Essay Preview: Master Degree's Apllication Essay

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My name is Zainal Abidin, 24 years old. I come from the second biggest city in Indonesia which is called Surabaya. I have been raised in an entrepreneurial family having my father as an entrepreneur. He involves in textile (batik) industry as well as a small scale contractor. My mother is a housewife. My eldest brother, an MBA holder, works for one of the world's biggest car manufacturers in Jakarta, Indonesia. My second brother helps my father in the small sized real estate business. My sister has just got accepted to work as a lecturer in one of the best medical universities in Indonesia known as Univeritas Airlangga Surabaya. I am the youngest among them. I have just graduated from IIUM this year holding a bachelor of business Administration in my hand.

My career objective is that I want to be an imminent employee which holds an excellent skill in the area of finance. I want to be involved in the top-level management someday. Having my father as my only major investor gives me the courage to pursue MBA degree just after I completed my bachelor degree. There will be no second chance, that is what my eldest brother keeps on telling me. He got his MBA because he got the scholarship from the company which he works for, he is one special employee. He keeps reminding me that while my father is able and willing to bear the cost of furthering my studies I have to take that chance and use it as maximal as I can. He told me that he was lucky to receive such scholarship from his employer, he then explained that that kind of situation is not going to happen every day, you have to be really special to receive such thing. That even rounds up my strong determination in taking MBA once I just finished my Bachelor degree.

Taking MBA will add values to me in a very broad way. It gives me the opportunity to grow my intellectual standard by gaining deeper knowledge about business studies and strategies. By taking MBA I will be having an opportunity in analyzing business theories as well as the cases in a more detail discussion than what I had studied in the bachelor degree. It will help my ability to understand better theoretically and it will therefore give me a better preparation in entering the real workplace. Taking MBA also helps me enhancing my critical analysis in a way that it involves me in a very active class with a lot of discussion as a part of the activities. Master's degree will also help me to polish my social abilities knowing that there will be many assignments and projects given on a group basis. This will be very important for me as it is sharpen my teamwork skill to be used in the real working environment. I also believe that management education can help me develop other vital skills essential to my standing as a professional. It will benefit me from the opportunity to further polish my public speaking ability and hone my presentation skill. It definitely gives me the necessary abilities to handle real-life business



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