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Materials and Methods

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Materials and Methods

Various molarities (0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6) of sucrose solutions was used. Using a cork borer for accuracy of diameter, then cut a series of 7 potato cores from a single potato. Trimmed all to 4cm in length. Measured and recorded mass and volume of potato, both rounded to the nearest 0.1g before placed in solutions. Using 30ml of each sucrose solution, placed cores in corresponding sucrose solution and one core in 30ml of distilled water then incubated for 75 minutes. At the end of incubation period, shook off excess solution and then re measured mass and volume of each core.

Using 20cm piece of dialysis tubing and sealing one end. Filled it with 20ml of solution A. Solution contained 20% glucose, 1% starch, 0.5% egg albumin and 1% NaCl. Expelled excess air and sealed remaining open end. Rinsed outside of bag and determined the mass of bag to the nearest 0.1g. Placed bag in distilled water for 45 minutes. After the incubation period tubing mass determined to nearest 0.1g. Contents emptied and label for inside the bag, then 4 separate test was performed. IKI for starch, silver nitrate for chloride, Benedict's for glucose and Biuret for protein.


Although all the cores started out approximately the same mass and volume, they showed and increase in mass and a decrease in volume after experiment. As in Figure 1 % change in mass and how 0.4M had little effect on the difference of the mass compared to the 0.6M. And in Figure 2 % change in volume 0.3M gives the opposite of Figure 1's 0.3M. Figure 4 shows which solution was permeable to the dialysis tubing and the silver nitrate reaction showed that chloride ion was found present in the distilled water outside the



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