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McBride Financial Services Security Paper

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Essay Preview: McBride Financial Services Security Paper

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McBride Financial Services Security Policy

McBride Financial Services is a fledgling company that will offer mortgages to homebuyers, specializing in first-time buyers and customers with credit problems. The company plans to have offices in eight locations with the first two opening in Boise, Idaho and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The company will employ a small staff of two to three brokers and a receptionist in each office while the home office will employee two administrative assistants.

The purpose of this paper is to outline a cohesive security policy for McBride Financial Services. This policy will meet the requirements set forth by Hugh McBride as well as protect the information of McBride's future customers.

Security Policy

The recommended security policy for McBride Financial will need to cover several aspects including physical security, data security, and account access. Each of the aforementioned aspects has a significant place in securing client information while carrying out the company's plan of implementing an online application policy.

Physical Security

Physical security addresses actions that can be taken to protect buildings, property, and assets (bizsecurity.about.com). In designing a physical security program, the three levels that need to be protected are the outer perimeter, the inner perimeter, and the interior. McBride Financial will implement an electronic access control system. This method, which in this case will be the electronic key card system, will provide an excellent form of physical security to the organization. Employees will only have access to areas to which they are authorized.

Data Security

As a mortgage company, McBride Financial Service will have access to large amounts of sensitive customer information. It is vital that this information is protected. For this reason, McBride Financial will use full-disk encryption, user authentication, and data backup. Brokers will only have access to client information which they are serving and access to their terminals will require their own special password.

Account Access

As rule, only brokers will have access to customer accounts. As mentioned earlier, these brokers will only have access to information from customers that they are serving. The system will keep track of this information and should a problem arise, tracking the root cause of the problem will be made easier.


As an up-and-coming company, McBride Financial Services must build a reputation for providing its customers with the best possible service. This reputation is not limited to selling affordable houses but securing customer information as well. The policy in this paper will insure that the company property as well as the vital



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