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McBride Financial Services Marketing Plan

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Essay Preview: McBride Financial Services Marketing Plan

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McBride Financial Services Marketing Plan

Gregory Richards


January 10, 2012

Lavergne "Jay" White, MBA/PMP

University of Phoenix

Greg Richards



McBride Financial Services' main goal is to use the latest technologies to become the number one provider of low cost mortgage services in the Northwest. In order to achieve that goal they will need to have an above average marketing plan in place.

McBride Financial Services is a regional mortgage lender. They have offices in Fargo North Dakota, Bismarck, North Dakota, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Rapid City, South Dakota, Jackson, Wyoming, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Billings, Montana, and the headquarters are in Boise, Idaho.

For an all-inclusive fee of $1,500, upon approved credit, McBride Financial Services1 provides a bundled package of credit report, home inspection, appraisal, and a mortgage at lowest rates. One advantage of the bundled services is the process time between application and closing is reduced significantly. McBride Financial Services will provide their customers with efficient and effective processing of mortgage applications.

Target Markets

McBride Financial Services' target markets are professionals who are seeking a primary or secondary residence, retirees who are purchasing their primary or secondary residence, and families or individuals who are purchasing a recreational property.

Media and Market Research

With a budget of $50,000 to start and $5,000 a month after, that should suffice to create and maintain a good enough marketing campaign to be successful. Most of it should be invested in online marketing. There could be surveys on the website that targets the cities with the offices, Billings, Montana, Jackson, Wyoming, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Fargo, North Dakota, Bismarck, North Dakota, Rapid City, South Dakota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. "

The company website should include information about the services the company provides, information about the company, contact information for offices in the user's area, and above all a very user-friendly guide to "how to start the application process online." Also place ads on real estate related sites and other sites that the target market might visit.

Next, purchase a mailing list for neighborhoods with the income limits that are required. Place advertisements in local newspapers and flyers in local realtors offices. Position information handouts to be passed



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