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Bsa 310 - McBride Financial Marketing Paper

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Essay Preview: Bsa 310 - McBride Financial Marketing Paper

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McBride Financial Marketing

Marcus D. Lewis

University of Phoenix


Instructor: Jim Plastow

McBride Marketing Proposal

McBride is a home lender to buyers for purchasing or refinancing. The company provides low cost mortgage services, implementation of the new plan offers innovative products, and the organization will mature. Through market research marketing, exploring the innumerable types of media McBride will include the marketing plan. This plan is encompassing the thought behind the Internet for marketing. Determining the weakness as well as their strengths will offer an inventive way to satisfy the customer base.

Marketing Research

Online research is assessable for the community of online consumers to excavate the Internet and allows the convenience of consumers to participate in surveys. In essence establishing a positive reputation increase the sales, assembles trust, and ultimately increases revenue growth and profitability. Internet surveys provide security and comfort because a consumer can fulfill the requirements of the survey at the customers' discretion. An advantage of online surveys is the prevention of lost surveys through postal services. However, telephone surveys are another way of gathering information.

Collecting the information to process and access customer's data McBride Marketing later creates a successful marketing plan this is the primary step. The goal is to gather the raw data from the local businesses such as local agents. Creating a rapport with local companies also assists the marketing team collect information and implementation of various media sources that are popular. McBride will consider the competitor's prices along with their strengths and weaknesses. This will also give McBride leverage to determine what products and services they need to improve upon. A good marketing strategy has to begin with gathering adequate information. "But marketing managers know that they cannot serve all customers in every way. By trying to serve all customers, they may not serve any customers well. Instead, the company wants to select only customers that it can serve well and profitably." (University of Phoenix, 2011).

Marketing Plan

In the past through media operations, McBride provides a culmination of communication formats. McBride comprises professional press releases for the media and proposals for the clients along with their partners. An effective plan consists of researching or expressing consumer behavior through television, magazine, newspaper,



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