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Media Analysis to the Music Video "pal Norte"

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Essay Preview: Media Analysis to the Music Video "pal Norte"

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Running Head: "PAL NORTE" 1

Media Analysis to the music video "Pal Norte"

Yandir Castaneda

El Paso Community College Valle Verde


According to the United States border patrol, 1,954 people died crossing the US-Mexico border between the years 1998-2004 (New York Times, 2007). Immigration has been a huge problem for the United States; people from Mexico try to cross the border risking their lives for a better financial opportunity leaving their family behind to get them a better future. The music video "Pal Norte" English meaning to North from "Calle 13" Rene Perez. Rapper singers from Puerto Rico write songs about many racial problems that Latinos suffer. "pal Norte" release in 2008 have many negatives comments for the way that is produce in a religion way in the Sonoran desert Mexico, that's why I'm going to analyze the video from all the points of view and how the message affect the society now in days.

"Pal Norte". A said that almost every Latin Americans used when they are going to the United States without legal papers. That's an emotional title because many people see the United States has an opportunity to progress in their lives but they don't have the economic status to get a passport or visa in order to be legal in the United States. Many of them get in to the extreme and try to cross the border going in to the Sonoran desert one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America that connect to Arizona. Going in footsteps they walk for days not caring about everything their only goal is to get to the United States and find a work to get money and have a reasonable live. In the video show what people try to do to protect their


lives in the desert, many of them leave their lives in hands of religion and most of their prays go to the virgin marry.

The message is very clear in the video people walking with the statue of the Virgin Marry showing the sacrifice that many immigrants need to made in order to cross the border mens,womens and children walking in the deserts show that people don't care of the pain they keep walking with their believes standing up. That's why they show children and women because humans beings show more sentimental emotions to infants (Think psychology, 2011) that's try to show some sadness from people that watch the video. At the beginning of the video they show a young girl singing a kind of poem and at the end she jump from a mountain it looks like she is trying to suicide that simple image gets a lot of attention because why a little a little girl is trying to commit suicide? That's a very good strategy to make viewers to watch the video because like I say first human cares more about children's security. Another method that "Calle 13" try to give their message about immigration is by using the Virgin Marry because is one of the most respect saint and has a lot of followers almost 45% of people is catholic (Think psychology, 2012).They show her as a support from many immigrants that's why in the video they are taking her to a top of a mountain to thanks her to help them get save to the other side of the border.

Rene Perez, the former of the group "calle 13" is one of the most critical artist in Latin America because he songs always talks about the government issues and how they make their




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