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Media Literacy Autobiography

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Media Literacy Autobiography

It was a morning like any other, I got dressed, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and ate breakfast. Pulling my phone out of the charger I began to scroll through instagram and double tapped to like photos of my friends. I then turned to snapchat and sent out some proud photos of me only waking up at 11 A.M. Next up was twitter, while I am not a regular tweeter, I love to laugh at Trump’s tweets in the morning. Finally, good old facebook, to check my notifications and see whose birthday it was today. As I began to scroll through my news feed one notification stood out to me, “Jenny Guo was Marked Safe during the Yancheng Tornado”. I immediately clicked on her profile page and saw her recent posts about the tornado. It was in that moment that I realized the role social media played in my life. It’s not just about the photos and the funny videos or tweets, its more than that, it’s about the ability to connect worldwide with people at any time. Even during a tornado my cousin was still able to notify me and all her other family that she was safe. This is the power social media has today.

Social Media is not the only type of media that connects me to my friends and family. Internet Media, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and so much more, is what kept me sane all through high school and now through my first semester of College. I remember this one time at training camp my friends (Danny, Anthony, Sam, Candy, Ella) and I were watching the movie, Seoul Searching. My mom came upstairs a couple minutes before bedtime telling the girls to go downstairs to sleep. The girls went downstairs immediately so we would not get into trouble with our coach. As the girls and I got ready for bed, I went into the small empty storage room with a “genius” plan; telling the two other girls to put pillow cushions on the floor as I sneakily went upstairs to bring the three guys down to finish the movie. Once I brought the boys down, all six of us were crammed into a storage room lying on each other and holding Danny up preventing him from opening the door he was laying on. Halfway into the movie, a bright light shines into the room as we turned around seeing our coach’s confused looking face. Internet media never fails to keep me entertained. It’s not just with my friends, but also when I need some relief from long essays or studying for gen chem exams binge watching Netflix shows or having the Notre Dame football game in the background while I do my homework is the norm. Everyone needs a break, life is too hard to not take one.

All the different media forms out there hold a small puzzle piece, that when looked at as a whole is me. This issue today, where people believe the millenials are spending too much time on media forums, is in my mind misunderstood. Constant texting and snapchatting isn’t removing one from the people



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