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Mhm 535 - Self-Reflective

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Essay Preview: Mhm 535 - Self-Reflective

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Module 6

Self-Reflective Essay

By Robert Kimble

MHM 535

Carrie O'Reilly

March 21, 2011

During the course of this class I have learned a great deal and expanded my knowledge in certain areas that I did not really take too much of into consideration. I even found out a bit more about my healthcare facility and more about how and why some things are done the way they are. I have learned that hospitals are constantly or at least trying to change with the times. I also found out what really goes on when a hospital or any organization decides to be non-profit. I claim ignorance here but I used to think that organizations that were non-profit were doing it from the kindness of their hearts. With each section that we covered I felt I learned something new or something was renewed that I remembered learning but have not given much thought to since I had originally learned it. I had knowledge to an extent of the administration side but not nearly to the extent from which I have gotten from this course.

The course aided me in executing policies within my facility. The required readings helped me make intelligent decisions and guided my assignments with insight. I find that with each new course that I take here at Trident University International, I am made aware of new and existing trends in the health care management realm. I believe that I met the objectives and sometimes exceeded them. This course along with others that I have taken will help me define roles within my current organization and any other organization that I may become a part of in the future. It will also help that I can continually ensure that I make informed decisions in executing functions not just as a Health Care Administrator but in whatever that may be which include organizations that I volunteer for.

My knowledge has increased with regards to: the evolutionary development of hospitals; the decline of hospitals and their utilization; the differences between various types of hospitals; basic concepts in hospital management to include marketing concepts; an understanding of licensing and accreditation of hospitals. I have met all the stated course objectives. I feel this course provides a broad knowledge base on hospital administration and will enable me to continue to build on this solid foundation and will also allow sound career progression. Personal and professional improvement in the subject area of the course will occur with career progression, experience, and continual learning.

Overall I believe that this course has helped me consider new ways of helping my facility. It's nice to bring a different opinion to a discussion and help out when you can.



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