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Self-Reliance Essay

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People tell you to "trust thyself" but what does that phrase really mean? Should you not ever trust anyone else? Or does it mean you should just have the courage to trust yourself? There are many ways to interpret that phrase. It means different things to different people. Some people choose to trust only themselves for answers. Others seem to trust everyone, cannot deal with things on their own and rely on family or friends for everything. To me, the phrase means individuals should value their own thoughts and opinions.

Individualism is having the liberty and right of an individual. "Self-Reliance" is Emerson's statement of his idea of individualism. Everyone has their own intelligence but that can only be seen when you trust your judgment, beliefs, and feelings. Emerson also states that "Nothing is sacred but the integrity of your own mind." This meaning you should not copy others thoughts instead you should take pride in your own and not be scared to express the new idea. If you do not agree with the popular vote, then let your voice be heard. Let people know your thoughts about the topic.

Trusting yourself also has to deal with surrounding yourself with people who are like you. The people you surround yourself with make you the person you will become. You encircle yourself with people who have similar goals and beliefs. When you surround yourself with those people who have the same expectation that you have, the chance to reach that goal will be even greater. You need to stick with those people that help you the greatest and that drive you to do your best.

Self- reliance is just a starting point, not a goal. Sometimes the easiest way to find an answer is to look inside of yourself.



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