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Miracle in Cell No.7

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Essay Preview: Miracle in Cell No.7

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Dexter L. Wasin Grade 11 STEM-B                                  February 3, 2017

“Miracle In Cell No.7”

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  • Reflection

The Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a Korean movie about a man name “Yong Goo” who is mentally handicapped but fondly takes care of his little daughter “Yeseung”. He wants to buy her a Sailer Moon school bag and therefore follows a little girl who can show him a shop that still sells it. But the girl dies, apparently by a hit to the head with a brick, and Yong goo is standing above her and has partly undressed her when a witness sees him. For the police and the media, the case is obvious right away, even the more as the victim is the daughter of the police commissioner and results need to be available as soon as possible. In prison Yong goo is treated everything but friendly because of his crime as well, but his cellmates and soon find out that the death of the girl actually was just an unfortunate accident and that the police forced the mentally handicapped man to make a false confession by beating him and making promises. Even the prison warden has doubts about Yong goo's guilt. Somehow Yong goo's new friends then manage to smuggle Ye seung into prison. However, the two haven't much time together left as Yong goo is on death row. The movie ended with Yeseung growing up to be a lawyer, and the case of Yong goo his father was reexamined. From being sentenced to death, Yong goo was pronounced to be not guilty instead. It was, however, years too late to save his life.

        The family of Yong goo is happy even though there were just a father and a daughter and they despite of all the problems, all their needs and even the education of his daughter. They were joyful and there are no problems can break their smile.

        The movie contributed a lot of values for me and says that no matter what happen in life, no matter how many problems we take, there is always a chance, a chance that we can change the bad into good, the chance of making things right and there is always the love that we return. This movie tells how much we value our family even if it’s not perfect and how we work in order to survive and have inspirations in life to do all of these things. Although many criticisms, and judgmental we may take even if it’s not true. And the most especial revenge we do is to stand and fight, fight for what is right and always be humble.



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