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Movie Review

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Falconville City Council held a regular meeting at 7:00p.m. Tuesday in Falconville. All council members and all city staff heads were present. The council discussed the review of the proposed budget and recommended property tax rate for next fiscal year.

Joan Bell, the city administrator, recommended a $2.1 million budget, down from $2.4 million last year. Therefore, Ms. Bell expected to save money, then she presented six proposals for increasing revenues. For instance, the proposal of adoption of all new codes, the proposal of a charge of $1 per front foot for curb and gutter inspection be established, the proposal of the city take over inspection of mobile home parks, etc. It is estimated that by adopting these proposals that a minimum of $14,105 to a maximum of $25,505 could be anticipated in additional revenues, so all council members voted Aye for Ms. Bell's recommendations.

In the meeting, members also discussed the recreation commission. Bruce Nii asked for a specific senior citizens appointee to the Parks and Recreation Commission because he felt that seniors were not getting full representation in decisions, and lots of senior programs hit by budget cuts. However, Bell opposed to expanding numbers on any commission at this time.

Moreover, in this meeting, the council members talked about the Establishment of Sister City. The City of Falconville, through its established governmental body, and its civic organizations as a group and through its individual citizens, endorse this program as a means of establishing a lasting friendship between the people of Malsch, Germany, and the people of Falconville. The mayor, Henry Smith, and the councilwoman, Tanya Tager were working on getting Malsch delegation here for ceremony as part of Falconville Gala. And Tager was setting up summer tour to Malsch for city officials and others.



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