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Pride and Prejudice Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Pride and Prejudice Movie Review

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Movie Review: Pride and Prejudice

The movie Pride and Prejudice tells a story about how life was back when woman would search men for marriage and how family members were allowed to marry and it would not be a frowned upon. This movie is mainly about the Bennett's who have five daughters named Elizabeth, Lydia, Mary, Katherine, and Jane. In the movie the two main characters are Elizabeth and Jane who have journeys with men they are interested in for marriage which are Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Wickham. Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley are very wealthy men who happen to be very close friends. However, Mr. Wickham is a guy who works in the military but later on in the story grows feelings for Elizabeth.

The Bennett's in this movie show that they want to marry their daughters off to a rich man so that they can be well taken care of as well as become a wealthy family. Ms. Bennett wants her daughters to marry quickly but the ones that she is most concern with are Elizabeth and Jane. The Bennett's are worth five thousand pounds a year so money is not an issue because they look for a higher class of men then the middle class. Ms. Bennett and her daughters are invited to a ball that is being hosted by Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley. While at the ball Mr. Bingley and Jane meet and share a couple of dances although Mr. Darcy shows no interest in Elizabeth, they exchange side glances. Mr. Darcy is a guy that is displeased with everything and everyone and Mr. Bingley is a guy who is joyful at all times and likes to just have fun however both men are attractive. The ball turned out to be successful and the girls are invited to more upcoming balls although Mr. Bingley's attention is still focused on Jane. Also, Jane comes up with a little cold and Mr. Bingley insist that she stays there at his house until she gets better where she would get the best treatment there and Elizabeth stays at Bingley's house until Jane gets better since Jane is very ill and wasn't stable to be at home. While Elizabeth is there staying at the house Mr. Darcy starts to find an interest in her and starts holding a couple of conversations with her to the point where the both of them have interesting conversations.

Also, the Bennett's have a cousin named Mr. Collins who is a very wealthy man and is very interested in Elizabeth. Mr. Collins proposed to Elizabeth. Elizabeth quickly says "thank you for the proposal but absolutely no thank you "since she hates Mr. Collins attitude she states that he is very hasty and rude and one of the lowest men in town. As soon as Ms. Bennett found out that Elizabeth rejected to the proposal she quickly got upset because Mr. Collins is wealthy so she tries to antagonize Elizabeth by pulling Mr. Bennett in but what Ms. Bennett doesn't know is that he tells Elizabeth himself he doesn't want her marrying him and not to listen to her mother about



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