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The Accused Case - Spiderman Movie Review

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Essay Preview: The Accused Case - Spiderman Movie Review

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It was 7:06 am in Queens, New York, and chaos was already on the move, but the hero isn't always accused as the villain. Mr. Parker had just woken up and was getting ready to go to his morning classes at Empire State University, when he picked up a newspaper with the headline reading, "SPIDER MAN TURNS ON HIS OWN CITY!" He didn't understand how something could just happen over night, but what had he done? Or was the real question was who framed him for something he hadn't done? This newspaper had to be all over town, the only way to figure this out was to go to the source itself, Harry Osborn.

Over the years Peter had always been envious of Harry, they were best friends until he found out he was Spiderman. Only a couple years ago Peter... Well Spiderman killed Mr. Osborn, because he killed his Grandfather and almost killed the love of his life Mary Jane Watson. Peter wondered if this could be the "revenge" Harry had been talking about and contemplating. Harry had nothing now, no fortune, no Mary Jane and no best friend, he's life became a dark hole of nothing. All he cared about was destroying Spiderman for taking everything he ever had away from him, and maybe this was his way of doing it. On the way to Harry's place, Peter tried to talk himself out of confrontation and turn around, he tried to think it was pointless and Spiderman could just work things out with the public a different way, but that wasn't who Peter was and it definitely wasn't Spiderman at all. Spiderman wasn't afraid of anything, he wasn't scared of Harry or the Green Goblin, he was supposed to be an idol. If he wanted his name cleared then he was going to have to do it this way.

The second Harry opened the door, Peter was thrown over a table and slammed into a mirror hanging on the wall, being held up from the throat by Harry. Peter barely had enough breath to ask what had happened between the two of them, they used to be such could friends, but now Harry was framing him for robbing a bank, although Peter had to give him props for snapping a picture right when Spiderman was pulling a gun out of the true robbers hands and everyone was on the floor. It was the perfect accusation, and until Peter could find a way to clear his name, he was completely guilty. Harry mumbled some words that Peter couldn't understand, and he couldn't figure out whether it was the loss of air circulation to his lungs, or the fact the he could smell alcohol on Harry's breath. Peter didn't want to hurt Harry, he used to be his best friend after all... he was eventually dropped to his feet and Peter ran out barely escaping death. Peter couldn't let this affect who he was as a person, or even as Spiderman...He had to maintain his morality.

Peter was a smart person and very clever, Since he worked for the newspaper and took pictures of "Spiderman" himself. He was going to print



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