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Murgency App Analysis - Emergency Services in India

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Essay Preview: Murgency App Analysis - Emergency Services in India

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Table of Contents

1        Introduction        2

2        Competitors Analysis        2

2.1        Competitive dynamics in the Health Technology Industry        3

3        BUSINESS MODEL        3

3.1        MUrgency Emergency        4

3.2        MUrgency Community        4

3.3        MUrgency Connect:        4

3.4        VARIM Framework        5

3.5        Teece Model        5

3.6        Value Configuration        5

3.7        Network Effects        5

4        SWOT Analysis        6

5        Growth Strategy        6

6        Potential Partnerships        6

6.1        Telecom companies        7

6.2        Insurance Providers        7

7        Growth Potential        7

8        Sustainability        8

8.1        Short -Term strategy        8

8.2        Mid-Term Strategy        8

8.3        Long Term Strategy        8


  1. Introduction

In India, the emergency service still remains in the nascent stage. The demand for emergency services has been increasing at a rapid pace but due to lack of doctors addressing the emergency services, the service still has bottlenecks to tackle and work upon. Along with it, the lack of proper infrastructure along with increasing traffic and lack of awareness of the service makes it a concern at large and results in delayed emergency care and treatment.

With the understanding of the current situation of Emergency Services in India, MUrgency’s pilot programme was launched in Punjab in January 2016 covering the TriCity(Chandigarh-Mohali-Panchkula) region with a combined population of over 2 providing timely and efficient emergency response using  cloud platform and the mobile app. The service was launched in the tri-city area of Punjab with a responder network of 36 hospital emergency rooms, 350 medical professionals and over 40 ambulances.

The MUrgency network heavily relies on the usage of mobile technology and mobile phone networks with an aim to provide a seamless global emergency response network that can revolutionize the emergency response by connecting people in need of help directly with the trained professionals. On the responder side, the network quantifies the resources of the responders and further validates their credentials before finally adding them to the network. On the demand side, the injured or ill person can directly call for help by using a single tap on the developed mobile app.

The advantages of the app are not only limited to increased access to the emergency responders and useful utilisation of existing infrastructure and resources. The company is committed to honing the power of mobile technology and their first responder network to ensure that emergency response is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

With India becoming one of the largest smartphone market by 2018, MUrgency Inc. has focused on setting up a new model for quick and necessary response to the demand of urgent care by a single tap on the mobile.

  1. Competitors Analysis




Drchrono offers a healthcare EHR and practice management platform with features focused on iPads, iPhones, and the web.


ChartSpan is a free and secure mobile app that allows you to request, organize, and send your family's health records to and from anywhere.


ehumanlife is a medical platform for live online consultations through HD video calls. You can call a doctor now from the comfort of your home. It’s free to sign up and each doctor sets a fee for consultation.


DoctorAPP is a mobile and web application for scheduling medical appointments the easy way for doctors and patients

Doctor Anytime

Doctor Anytime - It is an online service for patients to book doctor appointments on-line instantly. Book an appointment with a doctor, anytime.

  1. Competitive dynamics in the Health Technology Industry

Companies in this industry should try to gain competitive edge over each other by:

  • Developing a long-term action plan for the deployment of services in various areas of healthcare, and developing the infrastructure for information and communication technologies with universal access
  • Building on closer collaboration, such as with public and private sectors, in information and communication technologies
  • Trying to endeavour reach within every community with vulnerable groups with eHealth services
  • Establishing and implementing national electronic public health information system, which would improve the capacity of surveillance and get a rapid response to emergencies and disease

MUrgency leverages underutilized healthcare resources to expand emergency and non-emergency care including at-home check-ups and diagnosis, scheduling appointments and online medicine delivery. MUrgency additionally provides localized health information portal to users free of charge. They attempt to fill existing gaps in developing India’s healthcare system caused by a pressurised emergency response system, infrastructure and lifestyle conditions.



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