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Swot Analysis - Food Service Industry Technology

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Essay Preview: Swot Analysis - Food Service Industry Technology

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SWOT- Analysis

In the food service industry technology is changing how businesses operate through the use of mobile applications, social media, and personal operating systems (POS). These technologies are making an impact into every restaurant. Even my small restaurant called, Delta, which is located in Bristol would benefit from integrating these technologies. Delta has a limited menu that is focused on giving customers superior quality of food in their menu. It is a relatively new restaurant (only opened two years ago) but we are gaining national recognition for our burgers. In the next five years, I would improve Delta use of social media for marketing purposes. Delta currently does not pay for any type marketing and solely relies on word of mouth. Even though business has grown exponentially over the past two years, expanding their use on social media use through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would only attract more customers to our establishment. In addition to social media, I would recommend using all the available feature to our POS system. By utilizing all facets available of our POS provided by ShopKeep, our restaurant would increase efficiency in maintaining inventory, tracking sales records, and provide security to our networks. Lastly, I would incorporate mobile devices and “apps” into Delta for an improved dining experience. Delta could implement tablets to tables so customers can order food without needing to stand in line for over-the-counter service. Another, mobile app I would recommend for Delta would allow customers to make online reservations. This would allow for a flow of operations to meet the customers with excellent customer service. These types of technological advancements have made an impact in other restaurants, and Delta would benefit by incorporating these technologies as well.

Strengths- Through the use of mobile apps such as online reservations and tablets, Delta could position themselves into a spot to give an added convenience to their customers. Delta should add an App that would allow customers to make online reservations by clicking on available time slots. This would draw in more business for them and allow for a planned rush. In the food service industry, companies are always trying to upsell guest on desserts or beverages because these menu items, typically, are the highest marked up products. Delta should add a tablet on each table so customers can create their own dining experience. This extra convenience to customers may increase their desire to get a second drink or add on a dessert at the end of their meal.

Weakness- At Delta, we are in the process of adding a POS through a company called ShopKeep but we completely underutilize its functions as of now. ShopKeep can collect data on what and how much each customer is spending per transaction on all menu items. (Richelson, Online, 2009). Also, a major weakness at Delta is we currently



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