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My Experience Sitting as one with the Pyramid

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Essay Preview: My Experience Sitting as one with the Pyramid

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Where shall I begin other than to say this experience was the culmination of my journey through Egypt's temples and the fulfillment of a profound dream, which had been the only one regarding Egypt I had prior. The group would climb to the King's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid where they would undergo an initiation and activation, while I would position myself outside, hold space and ground the work. During the last meeting in which Nicki gave instructions and information in preparation for the night's ritual, each person chose one of the artificial candles. I picked the only RED one, because I love red and it seemed right. Nicki decided it was the right place for it with me.

She asked that I call upon Anubis and request him to come in two aspects (one black and one white) and position as guardians alongside me. She instructed that each person should acknowledge them as they passed both entering and leaving the pyramid. Anubis complied gladly, happy to be part of the night's experience, I am sure. I visualized that the white spirit (the above) laid on my left side (the side of the body that is intuition/spirit or subconscious) and the black (the below) on the world/mundane or conscious side. I could see both sets of eyes glowing red with protection and alertness like laser beams.

While I waited for the group to reach the chamber (or try to estimate how long it would take), I had my own challenge. The guards and Samhe were carrying on a lively conversation in Arabic, which made me think they were hanging out on a game night, chatting and gossiping, exactly as men everywhere do even though they would say that only women do such things. I wondered whether I would have wanted to have a translator or not. I was trying to ignore them and establish connection with the pyramid. I shifted until I found the spot closest to the pyramid on the stone ledge with the steps at my feet. I placed the red candle first on my hands and then decided the better place was on the opposite ledge in front of me so that I was sitting where I could imagine the space as being like the sarcophagus and my legs dangling inside it if I wanted to. Before I could settle down, three Egyptian soldiers came to investigate what was happening. The guards did not interfere with my chosen space, but these men had no clue. The larger man, higher ranking, nearly sat on the candle and would have if his companion had not stopped him. It did not need translating as he gestured "oops" and I repeated it with a smile. They talked with Samhe for a long time before leaving. I was so curious, I asked the next day for a translation and Samhe said that they were here for the duration of the revolution, it was their last day and they wanted to go inside the pyramid for they had never seen it before. Eventually, they gave up and left.

When I was able to shut the voices out and concentrate, I could begin to connect with the pyramid. With a few heart breaths, I felt joined with the stone beneath me first and then I began to feel tremendous power exuding from the structure. My entire body began to tremble, buzzing and weaving within the waves of energy like a willow in the wind. The waves of energy from the so-called lifeless stone kept shifting directions and seemed to be reacting like a giant had been awakened and stumbling with remaining torpor, but I felt as if all my strength and energy were being drained and I wondered how I would be able to get down. It was too late to ponder that, I decided and chose to ride along.

As I am trying to write the experience, this is long after the event and so the memories are out of sequence in some cases. I chose to simply write the vision or experience as they reentered my mind rather than get a headache trying to restructure the exact order in which they occurred that evening. Even then the images came and went like watching short one-act plays and were envisioned in my mind's eye as well as some as holograms before with my physical eyes. There were some breaks when nothing seemed to be happening at all or perhaps I would describe them as "spiritual time outs".

The frequency increased gradually until I thought the very stones were swaying, shifting position or becoming like cold molten minerals. At one time, it felt as if it were spinning and the visual of a Merkaba spinning in place entered my mind, beautiful, perfect and bright blue. I will definitely need help to get down, my legs were Jell-O and I thought the pyramid might toss me like a bucking camel yet. An observer would only see a crazy woman perched there with her legs dangling idly.

Let me try to describe the amazing sights that I saw, felt and heard and in no particular order -

Things began to happen with a telepathic message from Anubis and I will quote as much as I can remember of it: "As Anpu, I am both and neither black or white, for I am always both. I like that you have given life to both concepts within your heart. Eyes perceive my form in many ways--you have learned to look for them--even though my shape and color differ in each time and season. I open the way for you, the seeker, and those who ask with a pure heart filled with love. Sometimes a fool demands entrance and I deny but with a harsh lesson. Other times, it may seem that I lead one who is undeserving, but that perception is theirs--I choose carefully whom I deem worthy to follow me. As the Divine Embalmer, which some have called me, I give closure to life and life experiences no matter the form it takes. I weave linen wrappings and mummify the old form so that the chrysalis dissolves tissue, bone and that with no further purpose/value. Then the winged form, transition takes place or initiation into a beautiful new form like a butterfly emerges. Each process happens in its proper time and reoccurs many times in a lifetime, ever-higher vibration. Yet, when an initiate has not prepared, they will fair--sometimes the attempt ends badly, but it is their own undoing not mine." (I think there was more, but I have lost it)

I looked up at the sky (eyes open) and realized that it was overcast and I could not see the full moon at all. Possibly, Nut had clothed herself with clouds, hiding her stars least they distract our work or placed a protective blanket over the pyramid to contain the power we might raise. Just an idea.

Many times, I would feel what was like an electrical charge shoot down from overhead and through my whole body. I imagined it as a beam of bright white light.

I looked across the darkening plateau and watched the shadows caused from scattered stones change, lengthen and move as if great shadow beings lurked there. There were three security guards walking the perimeter of the pyramid at hourly



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