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My Last Day at School

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I could hardly wait for the school bell to ring as it was the last day of the term. And although I had just finished my last exam, I couldn't help but daydream about the fun I would have for the next few months - getting up late, watching movies with my friends, spending time with my relatives in Pakistan and generally doing things I enjoy doing but don't find the time to.

When the bell finally rang, we rushed out of our classrooms as if released from prison. Chattering and yelling to be heard, we all gathered in a corner of the schoolyard to discuss our plans for the coming weeks. Everyone had something to say.

To begin with, we decided to have a water fight right there and then and did. We got soaked through and through and got caught by one the school nuns. We were lucky to escape with a scolding.

My friends decided they were coming to my place and I had to hurriedly phone and warn my unsuspecting mother. Luckily mom made dozens of hot dogs and French fries and we had a fun lunch in my room.

After lunch we decided to go to the City Centre to watch the third Harry Potter film. We got there an hour too soon but had fun all the same checking out the cosmetics shops, video games outlets and other shops that interested us.

Finally, we bought large bags of popcorn, gigantic paper glasses of cokes and trouped into the cinema hall. The movie was terrific as expected and when it got over I had to overcome the urge to see it again.

The day was not over for us, however, as we still had a friend's birthday party to attend. The only problem was that we had almost run out of money so we pooled together what we had and bought a gift that all thought was just perfect. Luckily, the birthday girl thought so too, so that was a relief.

The party turned out to be full of fun and games and we really enjoyed it no end. When we finally headed our different ways, it was with no regrets. It had been an eventful day and a full one... the perfect start to the summer holidays.



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