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Her First Day of School

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Essay Preview: Her First Day of School

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Her First Day of School

The first day of school will be the death of me, said Katie's mom. I just don't know how to let go, she's still my little baby. Joyce calm down said Katie's father. Remember when you were her age school was the best place on earth, and look at her now barely able to stay asleep she's so excited. Just get some sleep, the sun will be up soon and we will need an early start to get Katie ready. Ok Bill said Katie's mom, can you check on Katie once more to make sure she's asleep and turn off the lights. As Katie's father walked into Katie's room he noticed her book bag was on the bed, as he picked up her bag he looked closer and notices Katie was asleep with her school clothes on. He smiled as he pulled her blanket up and placed a kiss on Katie's forehead then went back to bed.

DAD! Katie shouted as she jumped into her parent's bed. MOM! It's time for school! It's time for school she exclaimed, we have to hurry before there's no more school! Katie then ran off into the other room and began making loud noises with her toys. Katie, what are you doing? Katie's father said. Getting my toys ready for school she replied. Bill said Katie's mom, its only five o clock in the morning as she buried her head back into her pillow. Please help your child back to her bed. As Katie's father walked into Katie's room first thing he notices is Katie on the floor trying to cram ever toy she has into her book bag. Katie, baby. Why are you packing all of your toys in your book bag? Dad, I have to bring everything with me so I don't have to come back, said Katie. Katie you don't need your toys, at two o clock mommy and daddy will be at your school to bring you home. But dad said Katie; I want to stay at school! As Katie's father picked Katie up he explained, Katie you will go to school like daddy and mommy got to work and every day after school you will come home so you can play with your toys and watch TV and eat dinner with Mommy and daddy. Katie asked what about the other kids? They will go home to their mommies and daddies too, as her father sighed now let's get back to bed. It's a bit too early to get ready for school yet. As they all slipped back into their beds it seemed as though time stood still, Joyce her mother so worried of the possible bad outcomes. Bill Her father, so excited for Katie, and little Katie wound like a jack in a box eager for her parents to say it's time to go to school.

Finally, Katie thought to herself as her mom said ok, it's time to get up. With a few swift moves Katie was in the bathroom, washed up and in the kitchen for breakfast. I will never understand how she has so much energy said Katie's mother, she barely slept last night yet she's running like a machine. As fast as they got ready they were out the house and in the car,



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