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Three Day Weekends/four Day School Weeks

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Essay Preview: Three Day Weekends/four Day School Weeks

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Three Day Weekends

English III

February 12, 2009

Students love three-day weekends. They are always celebrating when the school week is shortened. Why not allow them to celebrate all the time? If the weekend was lengthened, that would mean the school days would also be extended. Fewer days would be in the week, but with longer days. There are quite a few reasons why this would be a good idea.

One reason this would be a wonderful idea, is because an extended weekend would give more free time. Students get burnt out and tired of going to school every week day. Having school five, of the seven days in the week can get very stressful at times. Fewer days of having to be to school would also give the students more time to work. Some have jobs and need to work in order to save for their future. It would give a great opportunity to everyone wishing to work. Not everybody has a family that can hand all the necessary college money right to them. Some do have that advantage,but others have to work, because life isn't free.

Another thing that is not free, is time. Time is money, and life is short. So we need to enjoy and experience life while were young enough to do so. When homework is assigned it is often due within the following two days. Having five straight days of school doesn't allow much time for homework. It creates stress. There are too many due dates packed into one week. More time on weekends would allow more study time for tests, and more time to get homework done. Everybody knows how due dates can creep up on you. A three-day weekend would allow more time to finish assignments, and time to think about what all needs to be done before returning to school.

Students are given a lot of work these days. Teachers are trying to give more work.



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