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My Value Paper

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We base the helping profession on values, ethnic, and the knowledge of helping people in difficult times. The helping profession helps deal with individuals, families, and groups to deal with their problems to prevent from functioning in everyday life. Murphy and Dillon stated in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, new groups of helpers developed to assist people in distress. These included human service workers, counselors, social workers, psychologists, milieu therapists, psychiatric nurses, and psychiatrists (Murphy and Dillon, 2011, ch.1). Some of the problems that the helping professional deals with are poverty, abuse and neglect, emotional and mental issues, domestic violence, and family issues. The helping profession helps clients find strengths and valuable resources that will help them. They also assist them in positive changes to help them solve their problem or prevention. The relationship to my belief of the helping profession is that it motivates me to help clients and give me faith and values that I have for the profession.

My values of the profession are to be open and honest. I am committed to value all human being know matter what age, color, gender, or race. My job would be to value all human life and lookout for the best interest of their life. When you have people with problems, you need the helping profession to assist them to the resources in the society. I find my values to be sensitive to others feelings. I do not judge people because of their problems or weakness. I value client's privacy and respect as they are. As we work with clients and are exposed to diverse situations and beliefs, we often find our values challenged and changed (Murphy and Dillon, 2011, ch.5). I would also like to give and receive affection to the client but not be able to show my feelings. I want to respect that they may have different values from mines. My values are a reflection of any client relationship.

My past experience of dealing with the helping profession was being on dialysis. I experienced being in someone else's situation. I had to have help from a social worker at dialysis. She gave me the inspiration I need to go on with life. She helped me with the information I needed to get evaluation for my kidney. She also counsel me in know how I should feel and what to expect from being on dialysis. I learned how important it was to take care of myself and take my medication. My social worker was there to listen to me and help me solve my problems that I was dealing with while on dialysis. I never would have thought that I would have been on dialysis. I would hear terrible stories about dialysis growing up and people died for just being on dialysis. The social worker gave me a different aspect of it and she made me look at the fact that I had a family and a child that I want to see grow up. Being on dialysis had me very emotional and the social worker provided me the therapy



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