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Nature Case

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Humans have a lot in common with nature. In our world every person is diverse, everyone looks different and everyone has dissimilar personalities. In nature most animals represent humans, an example is monkeys. Some monkeys don't just look like humans, they also have their personalities. Monkeys like to hug each other, eat bananas, and they walk like us, the difference is they use their arms to help them too. In my opinion, the animal I resemble the most is a bird. The resemblance between a bird and me is that we like our liberty, and we both love observing the sky.

Birds like to have plenty of liberty. They like to roam around, they don't like to be in the same place for too long. I like to have my liberty, I don't like people taking my freedom. Most birds are captured or shot, either way their liberty is taken away from them and that is something all types of animals don't like. I love going to my country over summer because I can have fun with my cousins. I have my family to take care of me, but when I'm in my country I'm free. My parents let me have my freedom and have fun because they know that in Albania nothing bad can happen to me. In America there are many crimes everyday, in Albania there are also crimes but we practically know everyone and that makes my parents feel good and I feel safe to go anywhere. Just like I feel safe in Albania because I have people who care about me and protect me, birds have that too. They move around everywhere but they must go back where they came from because that is where their family and friends are at. I like to look at birds flying in the sky because they have so much freedom and they look so peaceful that I want that for myself and for everyone everywhere.

The sky looks like the most peaceful place a person can be in. I love looking at the sky because I like seeing all the different emotions the sky can have. There is rain, which I look at as the sky being depressed and that makes the sky cry. There is thunder and lighting, for me they stand as the sky being outraged and ways for the sky to scream. The sky can also be happy and calm, when I see sunshine and the sky resembles a water fall, I think that the sky must be exultant. Everyday I see different birds looking up at the sky, they sit in their nests or in a tree log and observe the sky. That makes me wonder if they look at the sky with the same eyes that I do. When I came to America I didn't speak English and that made everything hard for me. Every time I wanted to tear up I just stared at the sky and that always calmed me down. Since then I look at the sky every time I have a problem so that I don't feel too sad, any type of mood from the sky calms me down, even lightning. I always notice that I'm never alone when looking at the sky, I can always see about 3 different birds looking up with me, giving me their delightful company. Just like the sky calms me down when I have a problem, the



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