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Negotiable Instrument

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Scenario 1

Apple’s iPod fuelled company’s success, helping to increase sales. Growth for music player averaged more than 200% in the initial years and the started falling. One reason for this decrease in sales is that iPod owners see little or no reason to upgrade, especially with the crumbling economy in 2008. Some analysts believe that the no. will fall to its lowest in 2009. “The reality is there’s limited group of people who want an iPod or any other portable media player,” one analyst says. ‘’So the question becomes, what will Apple do about it?”

Scenario 2

Right from her days as a clerical employee in a bank, Sarah had observed that her colleagues, through extremely knowledgeable about nuances and intricacies of banking, were exerting very little effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the bank in the area of customer relations and service. They took on the minimum amount of work load, availed themselves of long tea and lunch breaks, and seemed demotivated in their dealings with the customers and the management. They were highly knowledgeable about banking policies and practices was clearly evident from their mutual discussions about these as they processed applications from customers. Sarah herself was very hardworking and enjoyed her work with the customers. She always think what a huge waste it was for talented employees to goof off rather than to work hard end enjoy work. When she left bank and did her PhD, her topic of investigation was Job involvement. The conclusion of her investigation was that the single most important factor to job involvement is the fit or match between the nature of the job and the personality predispositions of the people engaged in performing it. Sarah then understood why highly intelligent bank employees could not get job-involved or find job satisfaction in the routine jobs that rarely called for the use of their abilities.

Subsequently, when Sarah joined internal research team of a Fortune 500 company, She applied this knowledge to solve problems of motivation, job satisfaction, job involvement, and the like, in the organisation.


Identify basic and applied research?



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