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Development of Soft Skills : A Way to Improve Your Negotiation Skill

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Essay Preview: Development of Soft Skills : A Way to Improve Your Negotiation Skill

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Abstract :-

Now days many businesses realize the importance of Soft Skill Development of their employee and its potential to help them acquiring, retaining and maximizing their confidence for lifetime. Today's business environment requires a business minded, innovative approaches, maintaining building, focusing on attracting new customers, and enhancing business prospective and for this purpose the employees , professionals should posses good skills among themselves , so that it will help them to be efficient and effective. Development of soft skills may help them to grow beyond cash motivation and hence it is vital things because everyone's wants to posses soft skills whether he is professional or not to do well in his career. Among the many soft skills the basic soft skills that all employees , professional should possess is negotiation skills. A study was initiated to show how negotiation is importance to enhance the prospects of business and to do well in their career.

Keywords:- Negotiation Skills, Soft Skills


An organization always believe that a person's soft skills plays an important role towards contribution of the organizations goals and individual better performance, hence development of soft skills will help to bypass the jargon and increase efficiency of an individual. Soft skills somehow related to a person in terms of sociological or emotional quotient .Communication skills, Negotiation skills, Interpersonal, presentation, leadership skills are a part of the soft skills that each individual wants to developed. In order to perk up of skills and elevate up the career of peoples and to enhance the prospects of the business opportunity there will be the need to develop certain negotiation skills. Negotiation skills are an art consisting of some elements that need to follow in the negotiation process to make it successful. By effectively negotiating one can achieve higher success in the business as well as in the career and it is also benefited to the every parties involved in the process. Soft Skills includes both inter and intra personal skills such as maintaining and building relationship with others, conceiving, influencing and managing others effectively. Every employer wants that their employees should be business minded, must make good decisions, used conceptual and quantitative techniques. Without these soft skills it would not be possible for the employee to be efficient and effective Hence it is necessary to possess soft skills for every employee or professional if wants to achieve the prospects of business , personal goals and enhance their career. The purpose of this study is to focus on the importance of mastering skills for successful negotiation .

What is Negotiation :-

According to Bazerman & Neal for



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