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Reflection on Negotiation

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Essay Preview: Reflection on Negotiation

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1. What were the goals, strategy, and tactics of each side?

Negotiation is a joint decision-making process whereby two or more people agree on how to allocate scarce resources. Negotiation pervades every aspect of our lives; some even believe it is the most fundamental skill of effective managers. Ashley and Adam played the role of a plant manager who has to negotiate some arrangements with another plant manager. They were in potentially competitive situation where cooperation is clearly desirable. They were to find some way to cooperate, when to do so might seem to put you at a disadvantage. The object is to understand and apply useful theories and analytical frameworks and to develop effective negotiation skills. The course is highly interactive and utilizes realistic negotiation practice with others to improve skills and stimulate discussion.

2. Did the negotiators have a consistent strategy? Was it effective?

Team negotiations bring with them added difficulties not present in most single party negotiations. Complications need to be managed appropriately, the more so the higher the price tag on the deal and the greater the strategic risk factors. Your company should evaluate your current team based negotiation approach to take advantage of the latest developments in team based negotiation. Many tools and processes exist to support a team in navigating their way through challenging and often unchartered negotiation waters. The lists offered here are by no means exhaustive, and are no more than a small sample of the checklists our clients use in preparing for their complex negotiations. There are many criteria your company can use to adapt to your own particular or unique circumstances to develop and create a more relevant checklist.

3. How clearly did the negotiators present their interests?



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