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Essay Preview: Negotiations

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Nowadays , the issue of negotiations has become crucial in different types of conversations. We see a similar situation everywhere around us. Some people believe it is important part of collaboration, but other suppose in opposite opinion. According  to my experience, listening  is crucial part of negotiations. The partner should be listening his opponent.  I had a negotiations about my offer job, about my wage  and requirement. Is it difficult for me? No, it is not. Because I am a calm, communicative and polite person. Usually, I feel a situation and found an individual approach immediately. Nonetheless, good preparation before meeting, look through agenda is necessary. What is mean negotiation in my opinion? It is conversation between people with clear agenda of this. Where everyone suggest a solution, several way how to achieve common goal without conflict. Eventually, after negotiations have created a conclusion. The activity, where topic about only more price  or less, usually without prove,  means bargaining. In some case, I felt a little uncomfortable when i had negotiation in the bank with big client. The reason for that is my knowledge about market. I didn’t Know a lot, then other, because I was young , and i had just finished a university.

Communication processes is important role in the organization of management activities. Due to the very nature of management activities, involving constant contact between the head and subordinates. The broad representation of communications in the activities of the head causes a very large amount of the concept of "communication". Psychology of communication, especially the psychology of speech behavior, is a very extensive, independent area of management psychology. Communication is also the most obvious, externally presented side of management - its direct practice. Negotiations are a fact of our daily life. Negotiation is the main means of getting what we want from other people. A person participates in negotiations much more often than he realizes it. We negotiate in situations where the implementation of our ideas,  improve to achievement our goals or the solution depends on other people.. This is a Shuttle relationship designed to reach an agreement when everyone have common or opposing interests.

Negotiations are a kind of game which at least two parties take part. Therefore, it is very important for one party to collect as much information about the other party as possible. If we are dealing with business negotiations, we need to learn as much as possible about the person who will directly conduct business with us. During conversations and negotiations interpersonal communication comes to the fore, it is the main form of organization of interaction of the head with subordinates or with other managers. Negotiations are a means to reach a mutual voluntary agreement. The outer side of the negotiation consists of the exchange of messages with the aim of harmonizing interests. The accompanying negotiations, and often very acute, emotional experiences are not always obvious to an outside observer, as are the rules of the game by which the parties interact. Negotiation cooperation is used in cases where it is necessary to provide for the conduct of the parties, taking into account mutual interests or obligations, i.e. mutual dependence. Usually with this face under:

● deciding whether to enter into business from wearing;

● overcoming misunderstandings and disagreements arising in the course of business interaction;

● conflict resolution.

The decision on the appropriateness of negotiations depends on the determination of the degree of importance of the win (the rate of negotiations) and the chances of this win, i.e. the degree of divergence of interests.

The use of negotiations implies a reflection on how suitable they are to achieve a specific objective in a given situation. Negotiations are not a means to avoid problems. Rather, it is a tool that helps to solve them, much less-to provide an opportunity to avoid them. Enter into negotiations means:

● use the possibility of communication to find a common language, i.e. mutual understanding with the opposite party and turn it into a partner;

● use mutual understanding with the negotiating partner to coordination of mutually beneficial interests and behavior.

Sometimes negotiations (usually business) are planned in advance. In preparation, two things must be avoided. The first is not to prepare for negotiations at all, to seek solutions in the process of negotiations. Another extreme is the punctual thinking through all stages of the future meeting, taking into account the smallest details, up to amendments and pauses. Both extremes are flawed. In the first case, the initiative can be fully transferred to the partner. Negotiations without preparation can give your partner the idea of your incompetence in the matter under discussion. Excessive detail can constrain one of the negotiators, the slightest deviation from the previously planned scheme will lead to confusion and uncertainty.  It is advisable to identify the main key points of the meeting, to determine the lines of behavior, because negotiations are an integral part of business contacts.



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