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New Metal Music

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Second Wave Feminism

what is it, time frame, outcomes of this wave, main criticisms, what is left to achieve. Liberal, Radical and Socialist feminism

Patriarchy, Privilege, Oppression: definitions, key characteristics, analogies of each (tree, bird-cage, invisible package of unearned assets).

Patriarchy is male-dominated, male-identified, male-centered (Allan Johnson). Know examples of how it is dominated (positions of authority are generally reserved for men), centered (focus of attention primarily on men and what they do vs. for women is based of their relationships to others) and identified (core cultural ideas, about what is considered good, desirable, preferable or normal are associated with how we think about men and masculinity, men and men's lives as the standard for defining what is normal/cultural description of masculinity and the ideal man in terms that closely resemble the core values of society). In this patriarchal social system, how male-privilege and oppression of women take place, how race, class and sexual orientation intersect with gender.

Privilege: how it is seemed as 'normal', how member of privileged groups are unaware of their privileges, how paths of least resistance helps maintain male-privilege in society (for men: presenting the appearance of being in control of themselves, others and events, for women: silent attentiveness, hesitation, self-doubt, humility, deference, supporting what men say and do and taking up as little space as possible).

Oppression: group phenomenon, how members of oppressed group can enjoy some privileges over other members of their own group, internalized oppression, how a fundamental aspect of oppression is the double bind: all potential options have limitations, how it is on the shoulders of the oppressed to educate the privilege about their oppression and how difficult that might be.

Women's Work and Welfare: productive & unproductive work, second shift, glass ceiling, feminization of poverty, value of women's work, gendered division of labor, why women as a group are far more likely to live in poverty (reality of the wage gap, of care giving, reality of part-time jobs that offer few benefit, especially pensions, women also live longer etc.).

Diversity Among Women: culture, dominant culture, Intersectionality (is a rather new concept that looks at several factors and how they work together to create individual sets of challenges and privileges. The most widely studied of these factors, race, class and gender combined to create individual situations that can't necessarily be grouped under a generic heading saying, for example, "this is how domestic violence is experienced by women individually"). Commonalities and differenced among women, how status of women and universality of body are



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