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No Perfect Leaders

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There are no perfect leaders, that is why good leaders are always trying to improve themselves through self-study, training, education, mentorship, making mistakes and then learning from them, etc. Since there are no perfect leaders, it is hard to build a good leadership model, which is why there are hundreds of them. But, we can be sure of a few things that good leaders have:

o A vision of the future (answers the question, "where are we going?").

o The ability to encourage followers to jump into that experience (work through the many changes that are required to achieve that vision).

o A love of self-improvement for themselves and their followers. This love makes them good coaches and mentors.

o Empowering their followers to get things done (delegates).

I do not see technologies affecting leaders, or people for that matter. What I do see are good leaders achieving their goals by selecting the right tools (technology) to achieve their goals. Good leaders focus upon their goals and then do what is necessary to achieve it; they do not pick a technology and then try to achieve some goal with it.

You also need to forget about your failures, or at least the part of them that gets you discouraged. Take away from your failures a lesson about what obstacles stand in your way, and leave behind any bad feelings. Those are in the past. Focus on right now, and how fun the activity is, right now.

Your hubby lacks interest in anything except boating. How can you motivate him to get off the sofa? I don't think you can motivate others -- if they want to do something, they'll do it. If they don't, then don't make them.

However, you can influence others in positive ways. I'd recommend setting an example by doing, and sharing how great it is, without judgment for what he's doing. If he's happy doing what he's doing, then that's great. If he'd like to do more, then be there for support -- but don't push.

You can ask for his help, as well, in your efforts. Sometimes spouses love to help, and that can rub off on them and get them thinking about trying it themselves. Or maybe not.

In the end, worry more about what you're doing and less about what he's doing -- he's living his life and you're living yours. People don't like to be pushed or judged or badgered, but like to be loved and accepted.



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