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Napoleon Case - a Bad Leader

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Essay Preview: Napoleon Case - a Bad Leader

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Napoleon is not a good leader because of the way he conducts himself throughout the novel. He refuses to give input at the meetings about the revolution, he trains the litter of puppies for his own selfish needs, and he never shows interest in the strength of Animal Farm itself, but rather in the strength of his power that he can have over it. When Napoleon refuses to offer his ideas at the meetings concerning the revolution, he shows that he does not care about the bloody struggle that will necessitate from this revolution. While a good leader would be a primary contributor to these meetings, Napoleon only thinks about himself, not caring about the other animals. He constantly argues everything that would be best for the other animals. A good leader would take into account his comrades before he thought of himself. Napoleon also carries out sneaky actions behind the animals' backs, like training young puppies to obey him and allows him to become the sole leader of the farm. Doing this allows one to conclude that Napoleon is a devious being, a quality of a bad leader. A good leader would trust his fellow mates, but instead Napoleon uses the dogs as violent means to impose his will on the other animals of the farm. Finally, Napoleon never shows concern over what is best for Animal Farm, but rather concerns himself with the power he can have over it. Napoleon is a true tyrant, slowly becoming more and more powerful throughout the story. He fears the idea of realization, for if the animals found out what he was doing, he would not achieve his full powers. A good leader would use his power justly, instead of imposing it on others like Napoleon does. Napoleon emerges as a true political tyrant, because of how he refuses to do what is best for others, uses occurrences to his benefit, and cares only about the power he can gain. Even though the animals do not realize it, Napoleon is a bad leader.



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