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On the Job Training Report

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Experience is the best teacher and it

 is true because I learned a lot from the beginning of my On The Job Training untill the last day of it.
Before this OJT happened we are excited and we have so much plan towards it. So we fix all our documents and Sir Cezar Calicdan helped and assist

e us in all aspects of prepairing of documents, oriented us on how to apply on a job and gives us some possible happenings during the interview and he also make sure that we have the proper attire on going to interview and the proper way of speaking towards the interviewer and he wants that we will do our best thats why he do his best on orienting us.
     My plan in my training is to find a resort when I arrived there that is why I want to go there as early as I can because I have no idea what resort am I going to apply unlike my other  classmate who will be accommodated by MONACO SUITES but because I want to experience how to find a company and apply personally I decided not to go with them and find a resort but with the help of my uncle cherry magcalayo, I decided to go to boracay on April 27, 2015 via pumpboat of Santa fe, when I arrived at the caticlan port I was so excited to be at the prestine island of boracay, so it takes more than 10 minutes to travel from caticlan jetty port up to the cagban jetty port.when I arrived there I was assisted by my uncle cherry and he



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