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Operations Management

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Case Study Assignment #2


Jaqueline P. Dinis     ID: 300925881

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16F – Operations Management

Section Code 002


Professor Ragu Nayak

Case Problem 7.2

Process Layouts

Process layouts or functional layout is all the comparable activities of a process subdivided in departments depending on its tasks. For example, at Canadian Tire working tools will be displayed together while kitchen appliances will stay in another department and sports device on a third one. Recurrent operation is the main characteristic of a process layout that attend a distinct need.  

Applying that definition in our case, means each person that is part of this process will have one or more activities assigned and have to complete it on the specified time.

The steps in a system design are globally appropriate, and the manpower need to be in a particular division and when the layout has a good design, it generates benefits of this shape and versatility.

Bad service does not add value in any layout, and employments or clients don't move through the framework in a precise way, backtracking is regular, development from office to office can take a lot of time, and lines have a tendency to be created.

Likewise, each introduction might request that an operation will be arranged in an unexpected way for its specific preparing prerequisites. In spite of the fact that specialists can work various machines, on the other hand, play out various distinctive errands in a solitary office, their workload regularly varies—from lines of occupations or clients holding up to be prepared to sit still time among employments or clients.

Material stored and development are straightforwardly influenced by the sort of format. Storage room on preparing format is huge to suit the measure of in-process stock. The manufacturing plant and it may resemble a stockroom, and the work focuses strewn between capacity passageways.

In process stock is big, since material change from work focus on working focus in clumps holding up to be handled. Completed products stock are low in light of the fact that the merchandise are being made for a specific client and is delivered out to client on a fulfillment.

Prepare formats in assembling firms require adaptable material taking care of equipment’s, (for example, forklifts, trucks or AGVs) that can take after numerous ways, move in any heading, and convey extensive heaps of in-process merchandise. A forklift moving beds of material from work focus to work focus needs wide passageways to oblige substantial burdens and two-way development, it is important to scale a warehouse for example, and it needs to be considered to draw a plant where people and machines work together with safety.

Planning of forklifts is regularly controlled by radio dispatch and shifts from every day and hour to hour. Courses need to be resolved and need to give various burdens going after pickup.

Prepare designs in administration firms require expansive paths for clients to move forward and backward and plentiful show space to suit diverse client inclinations.

The significant design sympathy toward a procedure format is the place to find the divisions or machine focuses in connection to each other. Albeit every employment or client conceivably has an alternate course through the office, a few ways will be more regular than others. Past data on client requests and forecasting of client requests could be utilized to create examples of move on the shop.

Photo Op – Please Line Up

The company Tech will work with the University to customize its ID badges, in order to improve and control most of its services such as library usage, payments and so on.

The technology that the company adopted will be a card with magnetic strip.

The University developed six steps process to order the new card and all the members (employees, students, and visitors) will have to follow it. All the activities have its time as showed on the table below:

Steps in Process


1. Review application for correctness

10 seconds

2. Verify information and check for outstanding debt

60 seconds

3. Process and record payment

30 seconds

4. Take photo

20 seconds

5. Attach photo and laminate

10 seconds

6. Magnetize and issue passport

10 seconds



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