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Organizational Behavior

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Essay Preview: Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior

Bella's was founded by Illa 12 years ago a former beautician/massage therapist who has worked in the salon industry since finishing cosmetology school at 21. She made a decision three months before opening to hire Lynne as her general manager. This case involves job satisfaction and employee engagement of a Bella's workforce. As general manager Lynne is concern that the constructs has reached such a low level that critical organizational outcomes are being negatively impacted. She has plans to use her skills to turn this situation into a positive. This case also involves a career planning decision made by Lynne (Medlin 2011).

Bella's is a full service day spa and hair salon featuring a wide variety of spa treatments which includes full body massages, body scrubs and wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures, skin treatments, waxing. Bella's has a variety of cuts, conditioning treatments and chemical services for the hair they also sell hair and body products. Bella's features a retail department that specializes in unique custom jewelry. This organizational behavior case will describe the relationship and respect, and career planning between Illa Fitzgerald and Lynn Gibson.

The main points of this article are Illa Fitzgerald made a critical decision to hire Lynne Gibson as her general manager. Illa used an SBA loan, investment dollars from her family members and her personal savings to fulfill her dream of owning her own spa/salon. Her vision was to create a unique company that would aim at creating and maintaining healthy minds, bodies and spirits (Medlin 2010). She also takes pride in knowing that Bella's with the help of Lynne can make her vision come true.

Hiring Lynne as her general manager three months before she opened up was a wise decision. Lynne has been with Bella's since it opened Lynne had the experience or working in retail, as a management trainee and finally as a regional manager. Although Illa and Lynne are not close friends they are acquaintances who had gotten to know each other professionally (Medlin 2010).

Illa shared her dreams with Lynne about how when the organization grows she wanted Lynne to help her run it. People still drive organizational systems and performance. People who are willing and able to collaborate and commit their mutual talents and energies to the tasks at hand are the foundations of any high performance organization (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, & Uhl-Bein 2010).

Since day one Lynne has made basically made all the managerial decisions at Bella's (Medlin 2010). The point is that Illa trusted and respected Lynne's managerial input within the organization and is satisfied with her general managerial skills. Although Illa made the more strategic decisions, Lynne was the ultimate decision maker for anything operational (Medlin 2010). Illa made a point to inform Lynne that as Bella's grows and becomes successful, she would be rewarded according to her contribution she had the motivation to run Bella successfully. The point here motivation defined as forces that account for the level and persistence of an individual's effort expended at work, motivation predicts effort (Schermerhorn et al 2010). The main points are Job satisfaction, general managerial engagement, decision making and career planning. Lynne being the general manager manager's of all the other stores reported directly to Lynne. Lynne showed responsibility, and by being a good decision maker. Illa supported Lynne's decision to return to school to receive her Master's Degree in Education. Understanding organizational behavior is dealing with people and the studying of people's behavior. Lynne handled the organization on a daily bases, this is the main reason she did not want to lose her.

Job satisfaction is asset of favorable or unfavorable feelings and emotions with which employees view their works. Job satisfaction is an attitude, which results from balance, and

the achievement of personal objectives and upon the perceived contributions of the job (Mahmood, Nudrat, Asdaque, Nawaz, & Haider 2011). Employees that are satisfied with their job are more productive. Choosing the right employee with the right skills, training, motivation makes job satisfaction in the workforce beneficial to both employees and managers.

The one main point of this case



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