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Organizational Behavior

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I. Background and History

BBDO Guerrero is part of BBDO Worldwide. BBDO Worldwide belongs to Omnicom, a strategic holding company with a portfolio of creative companies like BBDO Worldwide, DDB Worldwide, and TBWA Worldwide.

Over the years, BBDO Worldwide has expanded and established around 300 offices in around 80 countries, including France, Spain, Brazil, China, Singapore, and the United States. BBDO was founded in 1919 at New York City by Bruce Barton, Roy Durstine, and Alex Osborn under the name 'Barton, Durstine, & Osborn'. It merged with George Batten Company, a rival company sharing the same address, to form Batten, Barton, Durstine, & Osborn or BBDO.

BBDO Guerrero was originally BBDO Guerrero Ortega, founded in 1998 by David Guerrero and Jos Ortega. Three years later, Jos Ortega moved on to pursue other career goals and the company was renamed BBDO Guerrero, although David and Jos remain good friends. The agency has expanded its list of clients and won several awards over the years. It is current one of the best creative agencies in the region.

II. Mission/Vision

Vision: BBDO will be the most sought after creative company in Asia. Mission: It will achieve this by creating compelling commercial content.

According to Paul Roebuck, 'compelling commercial content' refers to communication that is so compelling, people actively choose to seek it out and get involved.

III. Core Values

BBDO believes that 'the best work works best' (BBDO, 2011). The agency believes that advertisements can be both creative and effective for the client. The agency approaches its work with the belief that its partnership with clients are based on the following 'shared principles' (P. Roebuck, personal communication, July 2010):

1. A passion for creating big ideas, based on clear insights that achieve tangible business results 2. Our clients push us for our best thinking, and expect us to do the same to them 3. Creativity is the magic that can move markets 4. Maximize return, not minimize risk

IV. Operating Goals and Strategies

BBDO creates 'compelling commercial content' through the following process:

Insight -> Strategy -> Creative Output

Insight - Data, Behavior, Research: This refers to an insight or realization upon which the agency can build the creative campaign. This is achieved through research, data gathering, and behavior analysis. Strategy - Brand, Engagement, Channel: This refers to creating a strategy that will engage the consumers, highlights the brand properly, and uses the right channel.

Creative Output: This refers to the ideas and content of the product or service.

According to BBDO, "Understanding people is the key to successful work. BBDO / Proximity invests in having deeper insights than anyone else." (BBDO, 2010). This is why the company invests in global and research studies. Armed with the right data, the agency can make wise inferences about their target markets.

BBDO operates under the principle of Total Work, which refers to delivering communications that (BBDO, 2010):

1. Galvanize external consumers to bond more tightly to the brand 2. Motivate internal audiences, telling them why they come to work each day 3. Punch above their weight (deliver more for less)

The agency relies on work teams in order to create their products and services. Whenever the agency receives a job ticket or a request for an advertisements, a team is put into place to create the

advertisement. Each account has several representatives from different departments who work together to research, design, and implement the strategy.

These cross-functional teams consist of members from the Strategic Planning, Creative, and Account Management departments, to name a few. Strategic planners develop and research the strategy, creatives conceptualize and design the advertisement or promotion, and account managers serve as liaisons between the client and the agency. These teams can be considered cross-functional because the members are generally from the same hierarchy and work to achieve the same goal (create compelling creative content) (Judge & Robbins, 2009).

Each team is given a relative amount of autonomy while planning and creating advertisements, although the final stages are still subject to evaluation and approval. Thus, most communication is lateral communication, given that the members are generally horizontally equivalent in the organizational structure. BBDO's teams also rely on all-channel communication networks to relay information, which leads to higher member satisfaction (Judge & Robbins, 2009).

The agency can gauge the effectiveness of its campaigns and services by requesting data from their clients and by conducting studies about the brand awareness generated and marketing effectiveness. Effectiveness awards also assess how beneficial the campaign or advertisement was to the client.

For example, BBDO created a campaign for Pizza Hut to make Pizza Hut delivery the top-of- mind delivery option for young adults. This resulted in the Hate Late campaign, which illustrated that the brand did not fall prey to 'Filipino time'. The campaign was able to achieve its main goal of maintaining Pizza Hut's double-digit sales growth for delivery (BBDO, 2010). The campaign also won a prestigious Bronze Cannes Lion for Outdoor Category and an Integrated Silver Spike at the Asian Spikes Festival.

V. Stakeholders, Products, and Services

The main principal stakeholders are the employees (P. Roebuck, personal communication, 2010). Other stakeholders are the clients, the BBDO Worldwide network, BBDO's umbrella company, and OMNICOM.

BBDO provides advertising services covering various communication tools. These include but are not limited to television, print, radio, billboard, point-of-sale, and ambient advertising. Some of

BBDO's clients are Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Dole, Avida, Bayan, Fed Ex, HP, The Bar, Mitsubishi Motors, and Ayala Land.

Proximity Philippines is the digital arm of BBDO. It provides digital services in the form of social media, mobile, blogging, gaming, online advertising, and website management. It also provides events services. Some of Proximity's clients are Nestle, Merck, Gatorade, and KBP.

VI. Productivity and Performance

BBDO Guerrero is the most creatively



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