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People Can Control Their Own Fate

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Essay Preview: People Can Control Their Own Fate

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There are many lovers on this earth. There are numerous families on this earth. There are countless animals on this earth. No one knows when the lovers are going to separate. No one knows when his or her family member is going to die. No one knows when his or her pet is going to die. No one can change his or her destiny. No one can change his or her past. Which means no one can control his or her own fate. Except for suiside. In the play "The midsummer night's dream" by William Shakespeare has some examples toward this argument. One of the examples is "hermia-What hell, to have your love life determined by someone else!" This quote explains how someone else regulated hermia's love. You many choose who you love and marry but sometimes, unfortunate things come. Also, she couldn't do anything about this. Second, "Oberon-I wonder if Titania is awake yet, and if she is, I wonder what the first thing she saw was. Whatever it is, she must be completely in love with it now." This quote explains how Oberon and Robin changed some ones heart. Someone can change the future but you can't. You may think that you are controlling your heart but mostly it is someone else who is changing your heart. Such as word love. Anyone can control their heart at first, but after a while, you might be in the middle of the desert where no one can reach you. Where no one can control. Lastly, "Helena-My stupid heart, which I'm leaving behind here." This quote shows how Helena is sick of her heart when she can't resist on. Helena appointed her love but she couldn't control it. She just had to face her fate. Like before, No one can control his or her life. These quotes explain how you can love anyone that you like but you can't change what's going to happen or already have happened.



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