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Phl 323 - Personal Ethics Development

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Personal Ethics Development

Rickey Paradise


August 11, 2011

Clarence Grayson

Personal Ethics and Development

Personal ethics consists of a wide range of principles, understanding of morals that drive personal ethics, and setting goals to high standards. My parents instilled the fundamentals of these principles in me at an early age. Setting a good example has been the driving factor in my life. My father use to say "Always set your goal high and remember sometimes disappointment can lower the value. However, keep your head up, tomorrow is a new day." During my teenage years I worked in various fields, construction, grocery stores, and cutting lawns. My personal ethical standards were evolving every time I performed in these areas. This not only comes from perfecting the task at hand but also from enforcing my ethical standards in the evaluation of the work. Receiving a pat on the back reinforced the importance of ethics.

I have spent most of my adult life in the military. The ethical standards in the military are exceedingly high. The military sets their ethical values to be the best military in the world. I have been a part of these principles from the time I was the age of 18. I believe in performing any task properly on the first attempt. I have witnessed consequences from mistakes made by the worker attempting to complete the job faster than his normal pace. Many times he or she hurries and receives negative influence by an outside source such as schedule or his or her supervisor. This type of thinking can kill people. Safety comes first and relates directly back to moral and ethical values. People who have a lack of respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness in their moral and ethical character will certainly have a lower personal and professional attitude. The ethical values used in my life are the consequence of choosing the right path to succeed. Taking the right road means making the right decisions in life and will ultimately result in success. The least to the most crucial decisions have determined my future. Mistakes have happened in the process. However, they have decreased as time passed. Using the values taught to me early in life continues to lead me in the right direction and is vital to my future.



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