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First Experience on Airplane - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: First Experience on Airplane - Personal Essay

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I was 16 years old when I first step foot into an airplane. I had no idea what I had in store for me as I sat in the waiting area watching other passengers gaze away into their newspapers while random flight numbers are announced throughout the terminal, all while the area is filled with the aroma of roasted morning beans topped off in every other cup around me. I observe out the window as cargo workers toss the various size luggage's onto the conveyer belt. Men were bundled to the top with their thick gloves and heavy coats with snow falling from the morning gray skies flaking over their goggles and ski masks. I remembered how much snow was on the tarmac and it put me into instant panic mode. I feared my first time on a plane would be my last. I examined the massive silver bullet with huge words that read 'American' along with red and blue stripes that dashed to the tail of the enormous craft with letters of AA that were also in red and blue.

Our flight is announced and the crew is ready to board us. I hesitantly hand the agent my ticket to be scanned and shuffled into the tunnel of bitter coldness. An echo of rolling wheels is all I hear and panic is all I feel, a chain of chirpy "Good Morning, Welcome to American Airlines" is all I hear as I'm looking for my seat. My mother had me sit me by the window and what I saw only fed into my agitated fear. The sun had awakened its eyes to expose the degree of the intense snowstorm. I jerked back into my seat profuse with sweat looking around to realize that everyone seemed to be oblivious to what was out there, or better yet, what should not be out there. I hear the ding, signaling us to fasten our seatbelts. I grabbed my mothers' arm as the plane obverses to a starting rollercoaster ride.

There is a commotion of passengers' converse about the weather with a trail of giggles and laughter as I feel the effects of my deodorant wear off. A distorted voice comes over my head to let the flight attendants know that it is time for takeoff. I held onto my mother's arm believing it to be a safe haven as I feel my chest slide down into my stomach and my ears ring as if I was hearing the first invented telephone ring for the first time. The rush of adrenaline takes over my body as the plane vamooses down the runway as if it were on a Nascar race track. The taste in my mouth has turned dry along with the hairs behind my neck is at full attention to what is going on, tears swell up in my eyes as I look on to the other passengers who has the obvious "been there, done that" look. The massive bird gently lifts off the ground pushing me further into my seat and I find myself buried in my mother's bosom crying that I will never again misbehave and that I wanted to get off the ride.

The wind blusters against the metal airship as I look out the window and finally understood the phrase, "tiny as ants". The airship approaches



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