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Personal Perception of Advanced Practice Role

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Essay Preview: Personal Perception of Advanced Practice Role

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Personal Perception of Advanced Practice Role

Michelle Cambern

Personal Perception of Advanced Practice Role

        Nursing is an ever changing and evolving practice that promotes the health and wellness of patients in the context of families and communities. It is a rapidly adapting profession able to embrace the fast pace of consistently changing technology, rising patient acuities, and the challenges of the nursing shortage with an unwavering commitment to professionalism. The State of Arizona and the Board of Nursing set forth a definition of an Advanced Practice Nurse in an article entitled  “Advisory Opinion, Nurse Practitioner Description of Roles and Functions” (Arizona State Board of Nursing, 2003). The document describes how the Nurse Practitioner can “serve in multiple roles, including but not limited to, direct providers of care, health care researchers, consultants, and educators”. The article points out that while the nurse practitioner can work independently, they will “work collaboratively with other health care professionals when appropriate” (AZBN, “Advisory Opinion,” 2003). I am choosing to continue my education to become an advanced practice nurse by pursuing a masters degree in nursing with an emphasis on family practice. In this paper I will discuss my educational and career goals as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

        My goal upon completion of the FNP program is to work with the congenital cardiac team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. There is a growing need for the nurse practitioner to enhance the lifespan of this growing population of patients and their families. My priorities have always been to provide the highest quality of care possible to my patients and their families and as a nurse practitioner I will be able to develop the skills necessary to recognize and manage the constantly evolving needs of this ever growing population. As described on the Arizona Advanced Practice Nurses Network (AAPNN) website, the advanced nurse practitioner is able to “obtain health histories and provides complete physical examinations; diagnose and treat common acute and chronic health problems; request and interpret laboratory results and X-rays; prescribe and manage medications and other therapies; provide healthcare teaching and supportive patient counseling with an emphasis on prevention of illness and health maintenance” (AAPNN, pp. 2).  By educating ourselves we can better support our patients and families in realizing their optimum health and wellness throughout their lifespan. As an advanced practice nurse I plan to be a resource to my patients, their families and other health care workers in the community. I plan to become a preceptor and mentor for others in pursuit of their advanced practice degree so I can continue to learn and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for the nursing profession.



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