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Philosophy Role

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TOCJAYAO, Suzanne Margaret D.                                                     PHIL1

        It’s true as they say that philosophy plays an important role in our lives. It makes us question who we are, what the world is, why such things are the way they are, and so on, which in return enables us to discover more about ourselves as well as the people around us. It helps us to think critically and rationally. It is also through philosophy that we are able to push ourselves into knowing the truth and being able to appreciate what we have.  Philosophy has indeed contributed so much in my life. It made me see things differently and it gave me a better and deeper perspective of my surroundings and myself.

Ever since I was a kid, I was curious about so many things. I would usually ask my parents so many “whys” and “hows” back then. However, it was only until I attended my first college years at the University of Asia and the Pacific that I was able to get a better understanding of myself. It was through the liberal arts education that I received at my previous school that made me appreciate philosophy and life itself. My philosophy classes made me contemplate and reflect more. I became conscious about myself and from then on I discovered that I am a firm believer of passion. I see to it that there is meaning in everything I do. Philosophy actually led me to where I am now because it was through that that I began to question my purpose and passion. I chose to stay out of my comfort zone and take a big step in pursuing what I am truly passionate about in life. I believe that it is also very important that we love what we do, we are doing what we love and that the things we do give purpose in our lives.

I am also someone who is in constant pursuit of meaning and happiness. Back when I did not have any background on philosophy, I had a shallow viewpoint as to what happiness is. I used to think that happiness is easily attainable and it is just all about material stuff such as money, being able to afford the things that I want, having a successful job, etc. It never occurred to me that happiness is about perfecting oneself and living life to the fullest by being a virtuous person. And since happiness is a long process, hardships and suffering are inevitable. However, it is through suffering that I was able to have a better grasp of what happiness really is. I was able to appreciate all the good things that the world and this life can offer. It is because of philosophy that I aspire to achieve more in life and be a good person.

Furthermore, since I am a curious person, whenever I find something that piques my interest, I always research about it. I search for facts or proof before I believe at something right away. I also double check if the source of the content is really credible. Although my emotions get the best of me sometimes whenever there is an argument, I see to it that I’m still objective. I use facts and evidence to support my claims.



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