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Personal Ethics Statement

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We have to deal with ethics and our own personal values all the time in our lives. We deal with them on a daily basis, whether we realize that we are or not. When we make a judgment call about something, we are placing our ethics to the test. I believe that everyone should be treated fairly and assume others around me feel the same way. When I run across people that don't feel this way, it tends to throw me off balance because I just assume that it's human nature for everyone to feel this way about things. According to the Ethical Lens Inventory work that we did, I found that my preferred ethical lens is actually the Relationship Lens. I suppose that you could say this suits me because I'm always trying to find ways to keep everyone equal. I trust that everything is going to turn out just like it should because I feel that justice should always be served. When it turns out that things aren't done in that manner, it causes me to rethink my trust issues. I have a tendency to trust in things and in people until I have reason not to. I have learned that this is not always the case and I can turn away from people and stick to myself with no problems because unfairness and inequality give me bad impressions of the world we live in and I would rather not think about our world in that way. I suppose this would be considered my blind spot since it comes up on me without me expecting it to.

I'm still working on figuring out all of my strengths and probably will be doing this for quite some time as I learn more about myself. One of the strengths that I already know I have is that I strive to be fair in everything that I do. I do my best to avoid conflicts and help others out when I can. I suppose you could call me the peace maker of the group, but when things get too out of hand, I can curl up into my shell and forget about the rest of the world and their problems. I would rather not get involved in the things that I have no control over. You could call this a weakness as well, I guess. I consider my biggest weakness to be that I have a tendency to try to take over situations that I do know about and that affect my life directly. People may think that I am acting as if I know it all or that I am trying to tell them what to do, but when I know about something from experience, I try to save them the trouble of finding out the consequences on their own if at all possible. Sometimes this gives people an unfair view of me and that causes me heartache and presents trust issues between us, but I really only have the best intentions at heart. I just want everyone to be fair and honest in everything they do because this makes life much easier for us all.



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