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Place Strategy for Ikea

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Essay Preview: Place Strategy for Ikea

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Place strategy

Objective :

If we think about buying Television, there is couple of brands that will come up such as Sony, Mitsubishi or Panasonic. If we think about buying the cell phone, there might be Iphone , Ericsson or Nokia. But if you want to buy the paintings, we can not even think of any brand. So when the customers are looking to buy any paintings, Pet portrait or Body Art service, we will be the one who will make "Dream Easel" to be their first choice, therefore the objective for the place strategy which increased 5 channels of distribution are as follow on Tactics section ;

Strategy :

Nowadays, Dream Easel has not had any intermediate of the distribution channels yet, just distributed all the product lines and services directly from producer to the consumer. So the new marketing plan of the Dream Easel products and services will put more intermediate channels. It might be one or two intermediate that depend on which tactics we are using now? For examples, IKEA tactic has two intermediate channels because we can not deal with IKEA company directly but we have to contact with the wholesaler who distribute the products to IKEA and then they will distribute our products to the IKEA as retailer. And for the advertising the products ( Pet portrait, Abstract, Prints ) in various well-known websites have just only one intermediate channel. The reason that we put the intermediate channels because we believe in strategy that "We want more wholesale, we want more distribution channels".

Tactics :

1) IKEA ( The prints )

We will deal with IKEA because IKEA is the well-known place in USA and have a lot of customers. This is the good chance to promote "Dream Easel" in the IKEA. As we known that IKEA has the way to sell their product by make a section like living room, bedroom and bathroom and decorating each section in many styles to impress or attract customers by IKEA products. We will use this idea by get one section ( but not too big section cause we might not have lots of budget in this time ) and then separate to be 3-4 rooms and decorate in different styles . First one might be luxury room, second one might be lively style, third one might be peaceful style and the last one might be party style. In each room, we will focus on painting by put the painting in each room for 5-10 paintings and suitable with the style of each room. We will have a big board hang on the ceiling in the front of this section is called "Dream Easel painting" to make awareness for the customers to know and remember our brand. If the customers are interested in the painting and want to see more selection of the paintings, we will have a catalog in the Dream Easel section for customers to see and choose what they like. In the catalog will arrange by categories such as luxury painting, chilling, colorful, landscape or pets. These are going to be easier way and convenience for each different customers style. Furthermore, this way will be good way to distribute our product to more



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