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The Brand Strategy System of Barr

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Essay Preview: The Brand Strategy System of Barr

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In my opinion, a brand strategy system is including 5 parts: brand property, brand structure , brand awareness, brand limitation and brand management, which I call it THE PSALM OF BRAND! For Barr, let's just follow these five parts to make a conclusion.

The first chapter of brand psalm---brand property of Barr:

The brand property of Barr is really complicated. We usually describe a brand property from whether it is a manufacturer brand or a dealer brand and whether it is a self-own brand or a franchise brand. Mostly cases, one company is just in one choice of these four. But Barr is a mix one. Barr's brand, including Irn-Bru,Tizer and so on, is a manufacturer brand and it is a self-own brand. Barr has its own three manufacturing plants at Cumbernauld, Mansfield and Atherton in Manchester, while Findlay's Spring Water is bottled at Pitcox, East Lothian. But Barr has Brands produced under franchise such as Orangina and Lipton Ice Tea. It has six distribution depots in Scotland and six in England, selling both products which are of self-own brand and brands under franchise. So we conclude Barr's brand property that is mainly a manufacturer and self-own brand with running franchise business too.

The second chapter of brand psalm--- brand structure of Barr:

The brand structure of Barr is obviously a Multi brand and an union brand. Barr has to follow this brand structure strategy because of the competition with large multinational companies, like Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola. It does so by a combination of brands which it owns itself and brands belonging to other companies which it manages in the UK. Under this brand structure strategy, it can increase its sales and decrease the risk of operating only one brand. I think reasons are as follows: first, the target market of Barr is the youth, and the personality of that age is that they feel boring at things so quickly. Second, with the development of Barr, Barr has acquired a number of other companies and brand, making it Multi brand.

The third chapter of brand psalm--- brand awareness of Barr

It is just the core of brand strategy, and we call it Brand identify system as well. Barr's brand is that it is a youthful, full of passion, don't follow the tradition, creative and humor brand,because IRN-BRU is energy drink and aimed at 13-18 years old children. This brand awareness run through all the advertisements and promotions including package color, TV advertisement and so forth.

The forth chapter of brand psalm--- brand limitation of Barr

The brand limitation is that in which domain we produce our products and do our promotions. Barr has a clear thinking of what they can do and what they want to do. They just focus on the soft drink market and they want to be the



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