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Policing in America

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Essay Preview: Policing in America

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Policing in America

November 1, 2013

Individual Work

As their title dictates the role of a police officer is to oversee the behaviors of police officer is to oversee the behaviors of the public at large and so it is imperative that they display exemplary character. Honesty is first and foremost as a requirement for potential recruits, and as they are the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Attention to detail is another immeasurable asset. Being able to observe and accurately relay information are keys to performing this job at an exemplary level. The police officer must constantly display a sense of duty to the public he or she serves and his or her behavior must be beyond reproach. Other high character words such as integrity (the public should have unwavering trust in its officers) and loyalty (the job must be performed in the ace of unspeakable danger with the public's safety as a priority) must describe these public servants as they are society's last line of defense (sometimes its first) against the evil and misconduct which permeate this planet. Police officers are often called upon to testify in courtrooms and their words are relied upon to bring justice to victims and perpetrators, so morally and ethically they must be the cream of the crop.

In choosing individuals of such high character there must be a very strenuous weeding out process. Extensive background, psychological, physical, and medical tests must be performed in order to guarantee (for the most part) that those chosen are ideal for this task. Tried and proven methods assure that those who lack the necessary fabric are disqualified not to mention that this is someone who will be furnished with a deadly weapon and therefore must elicit the ultimate trust.

Some of the problems associated with the recruitment process have to do with finding those with the proverbial "right stuff". Today's police are required to possess more problems solving attributes, be able to coexist with the public and be abreast of the latest technologies. Potential recruits are also subject to many of today's societal woes such as obesity, debt, drug abuse, and some have criminal records of their own. These discrepancies are addressed by opening the application pools to out-of-towners (past police hiring practices required applicants to be local) Another format was introduced by a high-ranking New York State Trooper with a PhD, where individuals were asked why they wanted to join the New York state police. Job enrichment or more interesting work was the predominant answer, but the favored ones were the ability to help others and an opportunity to serve the community.

This job of police officers is regarded by many as the hardest job in America and therefore finding



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