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The Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants daimyunglee

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Essay Preview: The Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants daimyunglee

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The Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants DaiMyungLee


How long would you want to wait in a restaurant to have your meal? Unless it is a special occasion or meeting? Today people around the world value "Time" more than anything. "Time is gold," "Time is money" This is what many people say when it comes to waiting. The hectic life in our society does not allow any time to be wasted. Therefore, the popularity of fast food restaurants are spreading rapidly among many people nowadays due to the following three main factors: convenience, time saving, and price.

Nowadays, as people live a hectic life, many of them look for conveniences. So, they look for fast food restaurants because the waiting time is much shorter than other eat-in restaurants. Also, there are many other fast food chains in the city, which makes it more convenient for people to find. In addition to these conveniences, fast food restaurants offer fast and easy take-out. Therefore, the customers could enjoy their meals anywhere they want.

Many people these days do not want or take much time to eat their meals because they want to save time to do their work. In fast food restaurants, there is no need to wait for the servers to come and take your order because there are none. All you need to do is to wait in line for a couple of minutes and place your order. As soon as you order the meal, it usually takes less than five minutes to prepare. The meal then is ready to be served and it does not take much time to eat the meal because there are not any side dishes to eat.

The last factor is the price. Most of the fast food restaurants now offer discounts to members who carry their membership card. They also accept other cards from either mobile companies or credit card companies. Moreover, their lunch time menu is much cheaper than the regular price as well.

Fast food restaurants are not only convenient, but it is a place where you can save time and money. They offer a variety of food on the menu with reasonable prices and discounts. Therefore, people are more attracted by the fast food chains because they know that it is fast, convenient and simple.



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