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Preferred Channel of Communication Strategy of Mc Donnalds at Hongkong

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Essay Preview: Preferred Channel of Communication Strategy of Mc Donnalds at Hongkong

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Preferred channel of communication

There are many types of communication channel that McDonalds is up to. Different campaign focuses on advertising on TV or radio or magazines, print such as brochures, posters, celebrity endorsement, scientific reports and Public Relations such as event, and some new channels like internet and cell phone and social media.

Communication Strategy

Two meals at one price:

To create buzz in the market, they planned to make an event for six months where people can buy two meals at one price in the particular hours. Since they can buy two healthy meals, they have to buy the food and eat in the restaurant and no take away. This event will encourage people to search for their pair to eat together in McDonald. This will create the buzz because the only way to get the discount, they have to find their pair at that time. In this way many people will search for their pair and create the buzz for McDonald about the "healthy hours".

New clown strategy:

McDonald is introducing the new endorser into Mc. Donald, called Ronnie. With the product line extension (in this case, the new product represented by the new character), they have represent the healthier food with Ronnie. Ronnie is the same exact character like Ronald; the only thing that differentiates the two of them is their colour. If Ronald has red to dominate his cloth, Ronnie has green. The colour green represents life; Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. The strategy is to put them together in every occasion so that people will notice that here in Mc. Donald, we have something new to introduced that is healthy food.


People will feel good when they generate their money for other people who need it. With this consumers behaviour they can create the donation program. For every healthy food that they buy from McDonald, they will generate 1% from the total amount of the transaction. This program expected to create a good buzz about McDonald especially the healthy menu in McDonald. This event can change McDonald image in the society, they will notice that McDonald do have healthy menus. Thus they are helping for CSR activity also.

Cell Phones:

Everybody has a cell phone right now. They can use cellular phone in their campaign and become more effective to communicating message that McDonald has health menus. With this campaign, expected the audience will notice about the new McDonald and start to buy healthy food in McDonald and give more information.



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