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Production and Selling of Squash Buns

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Essay Preview: Production and Selling of Squash Buns

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The Technical Plan

        This chapter presents the whole operation of the business. This plan also includes the discussion of product specifications, raw materials, manufacturing process, tools and equipment, labor requirements for production, production schedule, utilities needed, method of waste disposal, and unit production cost. This also shows the estimated total production cost.


  1. To know the technical specifications of the product.
  2. To determine the raw materials needed to produce the product.
  3. To know the steps in manufacturing the product.
  4. To determine the tools and equipment required in the manufacturing process.
  5. To organize the production schedule.
  6. To compute the production cost per unit.
  7. To organize the plans regarding utilities and waste disposal.

Table 8

Technical Specifications of the Product






1 inch

2 inches


50 grams




Golden Brown






Method of cooking


This part discusses the technical specifications of the product such as the size, weight, shape, color and texture of the proposed product.

        Bunkins is a bun made out of pumpkin. The proponents prefer brown paper bag as the packaging of the proposed product for it is environmental friendly and low cost in terms of packaging. The company and brand logo will be printed on the paper bag. Each bun weighs 50 grams. The average size of the buns is 2 inches in length and 1 inch in width. The pumpkin buns will be fried and sold by piece.

Raw materials

Table 4.1 shows the raw materials needed for the production and selling of pumpkin buns.

Table 9

Direct Materials


Per month supply

Cost per month

Per day Quantity


Total per day


12 pieces

P 960.00

½ pumpkin

P 20.00/kg

P 10.00



50 kg

P 980.00

10 kg

P 19.60/ kg

P 196.00

Baking powder

1 kg

P 124.00

25 grams

P 37.20/ 25 grams

P 37.20


1 kg

P 28.00

25 grams

P 0.84/ 25 grams

P 0.84


120 liters

P 6, 960

5 liters

P 58.00/ 1 liter

P 290.00

Vegetable shortening

  12 kg

P 1,200

500 grams

P 50.00/ 500 grams

P 50.00

Cooking oil

1 container

P 850.00

1 kg

P 17.00/1 kg

P 17.00

Condense Milk

30 cans

P 870.00

250 ml

P 29.00/ 250 ml

P 29.00

Chocolate Fudge

26 kg

P 6, 552


P 252.00/1 kg

P 252.00

Cream Cheese

20 kg

P 9,600

1.3 kg

P 480.00/ 1.3 kg

P 480.00


P 28,124

P 1,362

Table 10

Indirect Materials



Quantity per week



Kraft paper bag

(Medium size)

300 pcs w/ print

P 300.00


P 300.00

Manufacturing Process

This part enumerates the different procedures in the pumpkin buns. It will be described clearly, simply and systematically.

Procedure[pic 1]

Step 1 - Pre-measure all the ingredients needed to makes the buns.

Step 2 - In a large bowl, mix all the large ingredients. Flour, baking powder, salt, vegetable shortening and milk.[pic 2]

Step 3 - Transfer the DRY flour ingredients to a large mixing bowl of a stand mixer and add in mashed pumpkin paste. Using a dough hook and on low speed, mix everything together.[pic 3]

Step 4 - Continue to mixed until the dough is soft, smooth and pliable (not sticky).Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, knead slightly and rest for 30 minutes.[pic 4]



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