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Marketing Plan for Selling Product

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan for Selling Product

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3.1 Strengths 2

3.2 Weaknesses 2

3.3 Opportunities 2

3.4 Treats 2


4.1 Product Description 4


5.1 Target Markets 5

5.2 Target Customer 5

5.3 Positioning 6

5.4 Product Strategy 6-7

5.5 Price Strategy 7

5.6 Place Strategy 8

5.7 Promotion Strategy 9-10





Nokia is one of the largest mobile suppliers in the world. With the experience, innovation, independent research and development, which make Nokia become the leading supplier of mobile phones.

We all have a basic need to connect with the people and things that matter to us. Therefore, connecting with people is one of the key things that make us what we are.

We aim at making active innovations, provides users with fashionable, high quality and easy-to-use devices that help people connect. We understand that different people have different communication needs, so we are working to satisfy all of their specific individual demands. In brief, we try hard to help every people feel close to and connect with what is important to them, regardless of time or place.


We plan to release an advanced innovative Smartphone which will be known as Seabird, a product image can be seen on the cover page. Our objective is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction so our focus to launch this new Smartphone which not only satisfy the communication needs but also the function of laptop and projector. We will have a wide range of channels and strategies as well as with the slogan "enjoying innovation", which will be easy to attract our target customer. And then fulfil our goal of achieving the sale volume of 10 million in first year. We estimated that the net profit will be 1 billion.

Our product design is sitting to assist the people who enjoy the technology innovation and always having to do a business presentation in different place and time. Therefore, we design this product which makes their life and work more efficient and convenient. We will have two models 32GB and 16GB that costs $5200 and $4400 respectively which can accommodate different needs. Our target market will focus in Asia pacific, Western Europe and North America. In order to have much exposure, we will invest in the different ways of advertisement like website, press conference, newspaper, business magazine and TV advertisement.

We believe that the new product as well as our marketing strategy will bring us a great success!


3.1 Strengths

Our products are easy to use for everyone and have a wide price range which can meet multiple target social class.

We have great financing to provide heavy investment in independent research and development sector. Catching the pulse of consumer, focus on advanced technological and innovative products for the high-end market.

3.2 Weaknesses

The sales and service centers are not enough and they are more concentrated in developed countries as compared to other competitors, causing customers' loyalty reduction in there. The customers need to face problems alone if they encounter the difficulty in our products.

3.3 Opportunities

Product Life Cycle of mobile phone was short and only getting shorter, just because now people tend to like novelty and high-tech products, consumer are willing to spend more money to pursue new Smartphone. Therefore, this huge market potential gives us a great opportunity to broaden our Smartphone market in existing markets.

There are growing markets such as India, China and Latin America where mobile phone adoption still has room for us to expand our market share by introducing our brand in there.

3.4 Treats

Our company is facing a number of threats from other competitors, including Apple, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola, all of which are investing heavily in development and promotion in order to obtain dominance. And new idea and hi-tech product are easily imitated by the competitors.


According to the Pocket Projector Technology and Market Forecast Report released by DisplaySearch, the forecast of total pocket projector market will grow from 0.5 million units in 2009 to 142 million units in 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 88% for units.

Another study indicates that Smartphone really take over and start putting computers in the rear-view mirror.

In addition, the technology of current mobile phone has been unable to break through, most of the mobile phone suppliers are in Red Sea fight, providing same ideas and functions products. In order to create a blue sea in a red ocean, therefore, our purpose of this project is to produce a phone that integrates a number of new features that no other phone currently has and set it at a value-based pricing to gain maximum market share and promote our brand. We estimate the sales volume will be 10 million in first year and the net profit will be 1 billion.

For the sake of achieving the above, in last year, we setup a team for developing a new



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