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Professional Practice Seminar

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Essay Preview: Professional Practice Seminar

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Joanne Steward Thompson

Professor Mark Costello, MBA

Professional Practice Seminar

10 February 2011

Chapter 1, the New Yardstick's most important idea is that there is a different way of being smart. It is true that intellect is needed to succeed in today's job market however; it is second to emotional intelligence. I have to agree with the author that you must master the skill of emotional intelligence along with academic skills. For example, a friend of mine did not do well in college but he had what it took to climb up the ladder in his organization and became a manger and excellence team player of ten employees. Even as a child, he displayed patience and seemed to take a few minutes before responding when in a difficult situation. This type of behavior has groomed him into a great leader today.

Chapter 2 Competencies of the Stars most important idea is that "IQ alone explains surprisingly little of achievement at work or in life." (Goleman) The evidence he provides about his two classmates-- one he knew in college and the other in highschool who both had high IQ but life achievements were totally different. His one friend had scored perfect on the SAT test was not interested in school and skipped classes often and today he is satisfied working alone. The other friend who was just as brillant was often tautned and bullied in school but never allowed that to bother him and stood his grounds in all situations. Today he heads one of the most prestigious math departments in the world. This displays that having a high IQ does not predict how sucessful you will be in life.

Self motavatoin and emotional intelligence are a key compent in life and for work success. I have a nephew that exceled all through school and college and today he cannot keep a job. One of the biggest reason is that he takes every thing as a personal attack and lacks the inteligence to interact with people. He is constanly having pity on himself and thinking every one is against him.

Chapter 3 The Hard Case for Soft Skills most important idea is the question "Exactly how important for excellence is emotional competence compared to technical skills and intellect? The evidence the author provided about a "leaders strengthen or weakness in emotional competence can be measured in the gain or loss to the organization of the fullest talents of those they mange" seems to be correct when you read his evidence but in my work life it is not true.

My manger usually undermines each and everyone in our department by either the way she speaks to someone or how she handles any mistakes that are made by our department. She has instilled a small piece a fear in every one of us and this type of behavior has become the culture of our department. However,



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