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Programme Planning (the Use of Play Dough)

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Essay Preview: Programme Planning (the Use of Play Dough)

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. PROGRAMME PLANNING (the use of play dough)

My plan is to commence the delivery of a play within my pre-school setting in the next two days with the use of play dough. In our school we deliver our Curriculum through play, with a wide range of activities which are both instructive and fun, because we know that young children learn best when they are happy and confident. We nurture creative development, a sense of self- confidence, independence, perseverance and a love of learning. We also promote the idea that each child develops at his/her own pace; therefore our activities are planned around the children's interests and needs. At this time in our curriculum we are covering areas such as equality and diversity therefore I decided to use play dough to demonstrate equality and diversity together with other ideas, however, the following are the ideas I planned to bring into the play.

 Being our equality and diversity week I planned for the children with my assistance to make different kinds of pretend food from the play dough and from the children's suggestions of their favourite food.

 After making the food I planned that I will present them with the different ways people eat their food like the spoons, chop sticks, and hands.

 We will try to make the different houses that people live in especially the one found in rural areas around the world.

 Also to make different faces of people, boys and girls and animal shapes

 To make their own symbol suggestions so that they can express their own ideas and their creativity.

 I already made numbers on my own to count with them so that they can learn their numbers.

 I also planned that we will make flags of different nationalities represented in our classroom and also the children will be able to identify the different colours we have.

 Finally, I planned to encourage interaction between them by asking them questions about what we are doing.

However there are other general issues such as;

 Where to carry out the play delivery, which is going to be in the classroom

 The number of children that will participate in the play, I was given permission to use six children sitting on one round table.

 And also the teacher I was going to involve (name with held) she is the teacher that is usually on duty the days I come to the school.



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