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Promotion Strategy

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Promotion Strategy

The Mumbai Cab strategy is to saturate the market with television ads depicting the company as a premier taxi service. The company will leverage the newest in car technology to dominate the credit card segment of the market. Mumbai Cab will dominate the market because no other company has this unique feature.

The company's strategy is to build reputation and market share in our target market by establishing our business offering as a viable alternative to existing taxi cab services. Mumbai Cab intends to get the confidence of customers and establish itself as a company that provides superior customer service by using up to date technology to provide timely and reliable services.

Value proposition to Customers

Convenience: - City Taxi's products and services provide the driver and the customer with the convenience of a credit/debit card system that gives instant approval.

State-of-the-art Call Center:- City Taxi's call center allows us to provide a timely service by picking up the closest vehicle when a call comes in. When a call comes in, it is put into the system, the system sends a message to dispatcher, the system then tags the closest vehicle in the zone, neighboring zone, on the way to the zone, or the dispatcher can call.

Future plans:-

City Taxi plans to respond to market needs by following up with taxi plus (wheelchair accessible taxi vans with credit card access inside) with the next 5 years. City Taxi believes it can capture this niche and a gain in overall market share. Additional plans for next generation products and services include rent to own options for our drivers. Introduction of the company's next generation product and services is expected to be within 12 months.


Mumbai Cabs is a viable service company that could provide great benefits to the city and generate large profits for the owners. It is completely possible to start this business with a small investment and produce large returns soon after its inception



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