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Random Note

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Letters can never be of great value if they would stand alone. Put two letters together and it could be something powerful.



Symbols may mean something if they are used at a time. But put them together and they could mean more.

A colon with a parenthesis can make a person smile. A colon and an asterisk could make a person feel butterflies in their stomach.

: & > ( :* :)

The value of things are seen clearer when they are associated with another.

Picture nothingess. Think of a single thing and imagine it in the darkness. How can its purpose and value be known?

What are erasers when there are no pencils?

What are pencils when there are no papers?

What are paint brushes when there are no canvases?

What are trees and fruits when there are no animals?

What are wind and breeze when there are no humans?

What is pain when there is no joy?

What is happiness when there is no sadness?

What is love when there is no hate?

Nothing was created to stand on its own.

No one exists to be on their own.

Everything is connected.

No matter how much we try, we can never separate a life from another.

One loses so that another may gain.

One dies so that another may live.

All life is interconnected. The person



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